Congrats to our Spring 2016 Plus People

Congratulations to our Spring 2016 Plus People. These 16 employees were recognized for being among the very best at UNC Medical Center this Spring.

Richard Barbee

Richard Barbee, HCS-Project Manager, IT Planning
Last year, with the support of ISD leaders and Human Resources, Richard created the PRIME Program. Housed within ISD, PRIME is a mentorship program that provides interns with opportunities to learn about healthcare and IT and contribute to UNC Health Care. PRIME has created a positive return on investment, reduced HR burden on recruiting and hiring, and provided additional community involvement and outreach. Students from Durham Tech and Winston-Salem State have worked with Richard and other mentors, contributing to the opening of Hillsborough Hospital, working on Identity and Access Management initiatives and UNC REX Business Analysis projects, and providing Helpdesk and EUS Support. ISD has hired some of these interns, and future interns will help support major initiatives and projects.


Angie Beale

Angela Beale, CST II, Outpatient Infusion Center
Angela is polite and respectful to patients, and as part of the Infusion Center patient engagement group, she has a good understanding of the methods and techniques for providing excellent customer service. Last year Angela completed the NA II program. She has used her skills for the betterment of the Infusion Center, routinely stringing IVF lines for our RNs so they may quickly grab what is needed. Recently, she took a Phlebotomy class so that she can help assist in drawing labs and blood cultures for our patients.


Lindy Brooks

Lindy Brooks, Senior Applications Analyst, Epic Shared Costs
Lindy has shown an exceptionable ability to bring together the people needed for many successful data-interfacing projects. He works with clinicians, co-workers, and vendors, resulting in a positive experience for all. From his dedication to ensuring charges are properly posting to his determination to ensure validity of lab results, Lindy’s level of service creates a high level of patient satisfaction and safety, which, unless you’re in ISD, you may not see. The entire team looks up to him and values his opinions. Lindy has also created many specialized processes to accommodate workflows that were not native to applications. His designs result in a “safe” end product that does not require a complicated support model or compromise the integrity of the data.

 Brittany Brown

Brittany Brown, Stock Clerk, Hillsborough Patient Equipment, Hillsborough Campus
Brittany is a dedicated employee who helps her colleagues whenever they need it. She constantly looks for ways to display superior customer service. On one occasion, Brittany purchased balloons and cards for a patient who hadn’t received any visitors during a lengthy stay in the hospital. This not only brightened the patient’s day, but also the day of her colleagues who saw this act of kindness. Brittany brings this level of service and compassion to all her duties at the Hillsborough Campus.


Jocelyn Brown

Jocelyn Brown, CPD Supervisor Case Cart, Central Processing Department
Anyone in the OR will tell you that Jocelyn is the first person they reach out to for help and the first to jump in on her own if help is needed. She juggles many duties at a time and always completes them. She checks in with the staff and the team coordinators in the OR to make sure they have what they need, and comes to their rescue when they don’t. Jocelyn has really embraced her role as a supervisor, while also actively looking for growth in any classes and meetings that she can attend. To enhance her effectiveness, she registers for LMS classes and reaches out to those with more experience to answer questions and give her guidance.

Not pictured.

Mary Suzanne Brown, Clinical Addictions Therapist, UNC Hospitals Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program
Suzanne began with the program as a graduate intern almost two years ago. Her passion and dedication have helped her become an extremely effective therapist and a role model for her team. Family members have attributed their sense of healing and recovery to her style and her treatment. Her patients and their families say it best, often praising her for working tirelessly to keep them informed of next steps and options during challenging times, serving as a critical resource for them, and being a source of comfort. 

Mark Buchanan

Mark Buchanan, Clinical Nurse III, 5 Anderson North
As the unit’s pain management nurse, Mark is passionate about providing excellent pain management for patients, educating staff on the importance of pain management, and being a strong patient advocate when collaborating on interdisciplinary teams who are working on the right regimen for the patient. Mark has a strong emotional connection with his patients and their families. He develops strong, trusting relationships with everyone he encounters, including his colleagues. During challenging shifts, he pulls the team together and maintains a positive attitude, which others respect and admire. Meanwhile, he is an excellent preceptor and mentor who have been instrumental in the successful development and transitioning of our new graduate nurses and experienced nurses. 

Angela Calderon

Angela Calderon, Care Manager, Department of Care Management
Angela is a quiet change agent.  Her colleagues often joke that when they grow up they want to be like Angela. Angela has received numerous High Fives for her dedication to our patients, for going above and beyond the call of duty, and for her teamwork. She consistently approaches changes such as Carolina Value recommendations with a can-do attitude. Angela identifies needs and develops appropriate proposals to address gaps in service. One example is the bilingual care management program she developed. Angela and other care managers developed a process for identifying patients for -- and referring them to -- the program.

Susan Good

Susan Good, Administrative Support Supervisor, Admitting Office
Susan motivates employees by encouraging personal development and dedicating time to working with them to increase their skillset. She has implemented focus groups within her team to help emphasize such areas as safety in the workplace and improved Epic@UNC training. When it comes to patients, Susan wants them to have a great first impression of the organization. For example, she has worked with Volunteer Services to get stuffed animals for pediatric patients who are often nervous or scared. She has played a key role in projects to enhance the patient experience by ensuring patients are scheduled and registered correctly. Additionally, she has worked tirelessly to improve the wait times for patients being admitted to the hospital.


Tracie Green

Tracie Green, Recruiting Specialist, Nursing Employment
Tracie assists both internal and external customers on a daily basis and goes out of her way to make sure their needs are met and their questions answered.  In a busy office, she is able to remain calm and makes customers feel listened to as she assists them with all aspects of the hiring process. She takes time out to help others and answer questions even when she has an extremely heavy workload. She has helped streamline many processes to help them become more efficient. 

Kendra Lanza-Kaduce

Kendra Lanza-Kaduce, Project Manager, Carolina Value
As project manager for the Perioperative Solution Team, one of thirteen solution teams under Carolina Value, Kendra quickly established strong, collaborative working relationships across the health care system and with the Huron members she manages. Multiple personal and public expressions of confidence and appreciation have been made to her supervisors by her teammates. Further, Kendra has made several positive contributions to the Carolina Value project management team through the development of onboarding materials and by providing facilitation support to her peers for implementation team meetings involving other solutions. Kendra became a Kaizen Coach to help improve healthcare processes and systems and to positively impact the lives of our patients. Recently, Kendra built several different financial models to measure the success of the perioperative solution. 

Kristen Lewis

Kristen Lewis, Administrative Specialist, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Center for Rehabilitation Care
Kristen consistently goes above and beyond in her role to provide superb customer service, increase teamwork, and create a positive working environment. She does an excellent job leading the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation front desk staff. Over the past few years, Kristen has been integral in the clinic’s garnering of many outpatient customer service excellence awards. She is always willing to take on additional work assignments and tackle tough questions that come from our patients, providers, or staff. 

Brian Murray

Brian Murray, Clinical Pharmacist, Pharmacy Decentral Services, Medical Intensive Care Unit
Brian is an incredible advocate for patients in the MICU. He always carries a positive mood and is willing to help. In his duties as a clinical pharmacist, Brian has often been the team member to catch an abnormal lab value or vital sign and is also incredibly knowledgeable and conscientious of patient medications, especially when it comes to antibiotic stewardship. He is regularly involved in research and the latest literature, and so is able to suggest the newest and best medication regimens when it comes to caring for patients in the MICU. His commitment to educating his students, residents, and colleagues contributes to high-quality care. 

Leanne Reaves

Leanne Reaves, Clinical Nurse III, Carolina Air Care
A true ambassador for her team, Leanne actively promotes Carolina Air Care to our service area through outreach activities and interactions with referring agencies. Her exuberant personality ensures that patients and families are greeted in the most courteous manner. Attention to detail, coupled with patient-focused compassion, ensures customer satisfaction that is unparalleled. She watches over colleagues to ensure not only crew safety, but patient safety as well. As problems are identified, she takes immediate corrective action to ensure all safety regulations and procedures are followed. She is always looking for ways to increase her clinical knowledge and provide professional growth for herself and peers.

Katherine Sabo

Katherine Sabo, Clinical Nurse III, 5 Children’s
Kathy is frequently identified by patients and families as going above and beyond. Her demeanor puts her patients at ease, and she often connects with them over a love of Carolina athletics. Kathy is frequently visited by patients who are finished with treatment, sometimes years later. She also demonstrates commitment to children in many of her community activities and through quality improvement efforts such as acting as infection control liaison, spearheading unit participation in Clean In, Clean Out, and, as a Becton-Dickinson fellow, focusing on nurse compliance with the Central Line Care bundle. Kathy truly exemplifies all the values that are embedded in Carolina Care.

Sharon Walker

Sharon Walker, Clinical Nurse II, UNC HealthLink
As Charge Nurse, Sharon is a successful mentor because of her collaborative approach with colleagues and internal customers. She focuses on people, enabling her to have productive relationships. Her steadfast work ethic helps her serve a large number of callers at the UNC Clinical Call Center without sacrificing quality or customer service to patients and families, and her monthly productivity measures reveal an earnest, hard-working employee. She doesn’t shy away from any question or situation that arises during a high-volume shift and remains unflappable with her colleagues when dealing with a stressful patient load.