Health Benefit Special Pay available for Consumer Directed Health Plan in 2017

For the first time, UNC Medical Center employees who enroll in the State Health Plan’s Consumer Directed Health Plan (CDHP) are eligible for Health Benefit Special Pay; in previous years, only enrollees in the 80/20 or 70/30 plans were eligible to receive this benefit. The 40 percent premium reimbursement will make the CDHP a better value for employees than in the past.

As a reminder, to receive this special pay in your paychecks, you must complete all required wellness credits: a health assessment; tobacco attestation; and designation of a primary care provider. 70/30 only requires the tobacco attestation; the other plans require all three activities.  

Before making a decision, you should view the State Health Plan educational videos as well as utilize the modeling tool to determine which plan is best for you. Premiums are just a piece of your family’s total health care cost and should not be the only thing considered! Understand how these plans differ in operation by viewing some helpful videos on our open enrollment site (on the bottom of the left column):

In order to compare the expenses you will have from one plan to the next, the State Health Plan has provided a tool to help employees: Use all the tools and view the videos available on the open enrollment website before you make your selection.

View full details on how to enroll, State Health Plan and NCFlex reminders and changes, and sessions you can attend for help with your questions. If you have questions about the enrollment period, contact Employee Benefits at 984-974-1040 or

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