Clinicians: Introducing a new Clinical Decision Support Dashboard component

A new dashboard component in Epic@UNC containing links to Clinical Decision Support content will become available Friday, Feb. 3, for all clinical users.

Accessing the Clinical Decision Support Dashboard Component

  • The Dashboard Settings activity can be used to add the new Clinical Decision Support component to an existing dashboard you already use or to any newly created personal dashboard.
  • Within the Dashboard Settings activity, select the “Add Component” button to launch a search box for dashboard components. Search for “Clinical Decision Support Resources HCS” to find the component.
  • Please click here to view the tip sheet for dashboard personalization.


The eSOURCE (Epic@UNC Subgroup for Oversight and Utilization of Resources for Clinical Decision Support through Epic@UNC) Committee, led by Dr. Carl Seashore, was commissioned with developing and governing links between Epic@UNC and Clinical Decision Support (CDS) content that is housed outside of Epic@UNC.

An initial goal of the committee was to create a Radar Dashboard Component containing high yield links to CDS sites and content that contain the most critical patient care references across entities and specialties.

Tips & Questions

If you have recommendations for additional resources to add to this component, please email .

Looking Ahead

Do you have paper or digital copies of best-practice guidelines, protocols, pathways, or other documents taped in your office, workroom, or on your phone or tablet? Has your division/practice/hospital created agreed-upon best practices or approaches to certain conditions? 

We are building the infrastructure to put these resources at your (and everyone’s) fingertips in Epic@UNC where you will most likely want to review them.

Please share these documents with the eSOURCE committee and we can work with you to put them into Epic where you will find them when you need them and your colleagues across UNC Health Care can benefit. Contact to submit your documentation and provide your recommendations as to where in Epic@UNC this information would be most beneficial (i.e. within a particular order set, BPA, etc.).