HCAHPS scores available for all UNC Health Care hospitals

The latest Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Provider Systems (HCAHPS) patient satisfaction scores are available. You can view the scores for all UNC Health Care hospitals and all Triangle-area hospitals.

View scores for all UNC Health Care hospitals below (to enlarge view, click on each set of scores):

HCAHPS - December 2016 - UNCHC

View scores for Triangle-area hospitals below:

HCAHPS - December 2016 - Triangle

HCAHPS is a standardized survey that measures patients' feedback on their hospital experience. All results are publicly reported at www.hospitalcompare.hhs.gov, where other hospital results can be found as well. HCAHPS allows hospitals to publicly report and compare their results locally, regionally, and nationally. 

Thanks to everyone at UNC Health Care for ensuring that we provide the very best care and service to our patients!