Probiotics research: shift-working females needed!

UNC's Department of Exercise and Sport Science is looking for women (ages 21 - 55) who work a rotating day/night or night-shift schedule (e.g., nurses, NAs, etc.) to participate in a paid research study.

All participants will be asked to come to the Applied Physiology Lab on UNC-Chapel Hill's main campus two to three times over the course of approximately seven weeks. After initial enrollment, participants will undergo a pretesting session that will take one hour to 90 minutes involving:

• A body composition assessment (% fat, bone density, waist circumference, etc.)
• A low-intensity exercise test involving walking on the treadmill
• Questionnaires about mood and fatigue
• A fasted blood draw for blood glucose, lipids, and inflammatory markers

Participants will then take a daily probiotic or placebo for six weeks before returning for an identical post-testing session. As a participant, you will be required to sign an informed consent document stating you understand all of the procedures and rights as a research subject. Additionally, you will receive information about your body composition, bone mineral density, insulin sensitivity, and inflammation levels. You will also be compensated $25 for your time.

For more information, visit here. If you have questions, contact Meredith Mock at

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