New alerts for medical providers and nurses on C. difficile testing starting March 29

To reinforce evidence-based C. difficile testing recommendations from Hospital Epidemiology, medical providers and nurses ordering C. difficile tests will see new Best Practice Advisory (BPA) alerts in Epic@UNC starting Wednesday, March 29, if a C. difficile test is ordered on a patient who meets certain criteria.

Testing for C. difficile is NOT recommended if a patient meets the following criteria:

  • A positive C. difficile test in the last 14 days, 
  • A negative C. difficile test in the last 7 days, and/or 
  • A patient has received laxatives in the last 48 hours without NEW symptoms [unexplained fever, NEW abdominal pain, AND elevated white blood cell count (WBC)].

View a screenshot of the new C. difficile BPAs at this Intranet link.

The BPAs automatically pull testing and medication information from the patient’s chart and will appear for any health care provider (including RNs) ordering a C. difficile test when the patient meets with any of the criteria above to explain why a C. difficile test is not recommended.