Providers: Several discharge Order Sets updated March 28 to ensure clarity

The verbiage and placement of follow-up orders in several discharge order sets will be updated Tuesday, March 28, to ensure the action required from each follow-up order is clear.

  • The “General Discharge to Home or Self Care” order set now displays as “General Discharge.”
  • Under the heading “Follow-up with Primary Care Provider and Other Providers,” all providers using Epic@UNC (except those at UNC REX) will see two referral options for placing an order to schedule a hospital follow-up appointment:
    • “Order to schedule follow-up visit with primary care physician,” and 
    • “Order to schedule follow-up visit with specialist physician (specify)”
    • If completed in their entirety, these follow-up referral orders will be routed to the appropriate staff to attempt to make an appointment. 
  • Providers will also see several options under “Patient Discharge Instructions” that can be used to customize instructions to patients about scheduling follow-up appointments. These options WILL NOT be routed to scheduling staff and will only appear as instructions for patients within the after visit summary (AVS).
  • The impacted order sets are:
    • General Discharge
    • GEN SUR Surgical Discharge
    • Vascular Surgery - Generic Discharge
    • Newborn Discharge
    • GYN Same Day Surgery Discharge
    • Pediatric Dentistry Same Day Surgery
    • Adult Dentistry Same Day Surgery