UNC Tobacco Treatment Program Success Story: Rosalind Roberts

After reading an article about the UNC Tobacco Treatment Program in Employee News Online, Rosalind Roberts decided to reach out to get help becoming tobacco-free, so she could remain healthy and continue enjoying time with her family.

Due to some recent health scares, Roz had already been thinking about quitting, so reached out to Barbara Silver with the Tobacco Treatment Program.

During their first meeting, they agreed on the best treatment plan, including an anti-craving medication called Varenicline/Chantix, along with strategies such as eliminating coffee first thing in the morning - a big trigger for her.  Roz also craved a cigarette after meals and decided to stay inside and keep busy with household chores because she never smoked in her house. Roz met bi-weekly with Barbara check in, review progress, troubleshoot challenges and obtain support for remaining tobacco-free.

Roz is thankful for the program, which offered free medication and support for three months while she was quitting tobacco. She is also grateful for Barbara’s knowledge, patience, suggestions and explanations of everything. Roz recently made a bucket list and is more confident that her health won’t get in the way of achieving her goals.

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