Health Maintenance updates coming Thursday, November 15

On Thursday, November 15, 2018 the Epic@UNC Healthy Planet (Population Health) team will release new Health Maintenance functionality for Zoster vaccines and adult Tdap booster vaccines.

1)     Zoster Vaccines HM Topic will be active for patients age 50 and older. The topic is satisfied by two recombinant zoster vaccines (Shingrix) given 2 to 6 months apart per CDC recommendations. See the Zoster Vaccines Tipsheet for more details.

2)     Adult Tdap Vaccines are now tracked for patients age 18 and older. The HM Topic for DTaP/Tdap/Td Vaccines will continue to track and prompt for pediatric immunizations as before. Adult patients will now continue to be prompted for Td vaccination every 10 years after receiving a Tdap vaccine. See the Tdap/Td Vaccines for Adults Tipsheet for more details.

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