October Clean In Clean Out Feedback Contest Winners

The month of October for Clean In, Clean Out was a tremendous success! Check out the results and see a list of the October Feedback Contest Winners.

CICO October results: https://insights.unch.unc.edu/#/site/UNCHCS/views/CleanInCleanOut/Crosstab

Congratulations to our October Feedback Contest Winners:

  • Doris Allen (Children’s Primary Care Clinic)
  • Danielle Anderson (4ONC)
  • Andrew Bailey (Patient Transporter)
  • Yevonka Barksdale (Dialysis)
  • Leah Joan Berolzheimer (7CH)
  • Stacey Carrington (Hillsborough Radiology)
  • Laura Clayton (3NSH)
  • Stephanie Dively (HBH PACU, Pre-Op and Pre-Care)
  • Felicia Eagle (Main OR)
  • Megan Litchfield (5EST)
  • Phyllis Long (6BT)
  • Joanne McClain (ENT at CC)
  • Marianne Ruddiman (5WST)
  • Claire Salisbury (REHB)
  • Jennifer Short (HBH Main OR)
  • Steven Sump (5AD)
  • Tom Sweet (CICU)
  • Saramma Thomas (4NSH)
  • Leonora Tinsdale (MPCU)
  • Sung Yi (REHB)

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone for all you do to keep our patients safe!

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