Training Contacts and Roles

Use this page to keep track of all of the different people who will be involved in our Epic@UNC training.

Instructional Designers

Our team of Instructional Designers (IDs) is part of the Epic@UNC Core Team. These individuals are certified in many different Epic 2014 applications and are responsible for developing all aspects of our Epic@UNC training including:

  • Planning the curriculum.
  • Building and maintaining the training environment.
  • Constructing scenario-based instruction within the training environment.
  • Setting the class schedules.
  • Training and credentialing our Credentialed Trainers
  • Conducting provider personalization instruction and coaching.

Our Instructional Designers are:

Epic@UNC application

Instructional Designer name

ADT, Registration, Admission, Discharge, Transfer


ASAP Emergency Department

Beacon Oncology

Amy Coghill

Beaker Lab

Home Health & Hospice

Cadence Scheduling/Registration

Cadence Scheduling/Registration

EpicCare Ambulatory


EpicCare Ambulatory 

EpicCare Ambulatory (Provider focused & Kaleidoscope Ophthalmology 

EpicCare Ambulatory, Phoenix Transplant, Wisdom Dental, MyChart Home Health and Hospice & Nurse Triage/CRM

EpicCare Ambulatory & Healthy Planet

EpicCare Inpatient Orders, Respiratory Therapy & ICON Infection Control

EpicCare Inpatient Documentation, Care Management, Inpatient Hospice & Long-term Care

EpicCare Inpatient Documentation, Stork Obstetrics, Care Management, Inpatient Hospice & Long-term Care

OpTime Surgical Services & Anesthesia

OpTime Surgical Services & Anesthesia

Radiant Radiology & Cupid Cardiology

Resolute Hospital Billing and  Research & HIM and Identity

Resolute Professional Billing

Willow Inpatient Pharmacy, Specialty Pharmacy, Willow Ambulatory & ICON Infection Control

Credentialed Trainers/IT Trainers

Credentialed Trainers (CT) and IT Trainers are the classroom instructors who will teach Epic@UNC to all UNC Health Care providers and co-workers. They are responsible for ensuring that each user completes his or her required training plan to gain access to Epic@UNC.

Super Users

Super Users focus their attention during and following go-live by actively supporting Epic@UNC and ensuring users know how to use Epic@UNC properly in their work area.

In most cases, Super Users concentrate on supporting the team in their area. For example, a nurse working in 3 Anderson at UNC Hospitals provides support to his or her co-workers in 3 Anderson; he or she is not expected to support another unit at UNC Hospitals, Rex, or another location.

Each Super User first receives the appropriate Epic@UNC training for his/her job. Following this initial training, Super Users are expected to sit in on the same job-appropriate Epic@UNC training when it is held during End User Training. During this time, Super Users continue developing proficiency and assist the Credentialed Trainer with questions about operational practices or processes.

Finally, Super Users attend a two-hour Readiness Session in the week before their Go-live to ensure they are prepared to provide support on their unit, clinic, or work area. During this Readiness Session, Super Users receive all of the necessary details, instructions, and contacts to reference for issues that arise at and following Go-live.

For more information, view our Super Users FAQs.

End Users

Anyone requiring access to Epic@UNC is classified as an “End User.”