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Biostatistics Seminar Series: Causal inference with observational data: A gentle introduction

Biomedical researchers often want to answer causal questions, but they often have access to observational data, not clinical trials. In this session of the TraCS Biostatistics Seminar series, you’ll learn why causal inference is difficult with observational data and what can be done to allow for valid causal inferences if you have observational data. Presenter: … Read more

FPG FRONTIER Seminar — Prioritizing Possibilities for Child and Family Well Being: Building the EcoSystem to Take the Science of Healthy Development to Scale


This seminar will focus on translating the science of healthy development into practical evidence-based approaches to foster the well-being and resilience of children, families, and communities. The promise for healing the trauma and adversity concentrated in many of our communities is enormous when the provision of needed services and programs are shaped and coordinated with … Read more

Communication Skills: Working with the Media

The TraCS Professional Development Seminar series covers foundational skills useful for career development in clinical/translational research. It is split into 4 modules. In the Communication Skills module, learn more about delivering your message in research papers, gaining outside interest in your team and research program, and effectively utilizing various types of media to promote your … Read more