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NRP: Step Into Your Moxie – Move People to Take Action

Cultivate the confidence, strategy, and communication skills to be dynamic persuasive communicators who more easily speak up for themselves, their ideas, and their companies. They develop the ability to manage fear and self-defeating thoughts connected to "going for the yes," and learn how to address other people's objections by staying flexible, listener-centered, and on message.


Machine Learning Tools & Precision Medicine in Clinical Research


Clinicians and researchers will explore the use of machine learning tools and precision medicine techniques in clinical research. This session will feature an overview of machine learning tools in the field of precision medicine and address how they may be used to inform decision support for peripheral artery disease and rare genetic diseases.

MHI Seminar Series presents Karen L. Mohlke, Ph.D. Professor and Associate Chair for Research, Department of Genetics, UNC-Chapel Hill

Title Of Talk: “Genetic effects on gene expression and cardiometabolic traits” Summary of Seminar:  Dr. Mohlke will describe genetic approaches to identify genes that influence cardiometabolic diseases and traits, such as obesity and high cholesterol levels. Starting with genome-wide studies of genetic variants associated with these traits, she will describe how genome-wide gene expression and … Continued