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SHAC March Madness Fundraiser

Please join us for some friendly competition and enter to win a cash prize. To participate, you can follow the directions on the link and donate $10 towards the SHAC student ran, free clinic. The winner will receive 5-10% of the pool! The deadline to enter is March 14th.  

March WHMC Hot Topic Seminar – “Key Perspectives in Nutrition for Women’s Health”

Join us on Thursday, March 9th at 11:00am for the Hot Topics Seminar entitled "Key Perspectives in Nutrition for Women's Health" with Dr. Rachel W. Goode, Dr. Abbie Smith-Ryan and Hannah Cabré. This will be a hybrid seminar (Bondurant G100 or Zoom, invitation below), though we encourage in-person attendance to allow connection and robust discussion with the speakers and other attendees. March is National Nutrition … Read more