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CEHS & The CRI Seminar Series: “Early Life Chemical Exposures & Children’s Health: Emerging Toxicants & Targets”

Dr. Buckley is an Associate Professor of Epidemiology. She studies early life environmental chemical exposures to inform policies targeted at improving children’s health. Her work incorporates molecular epidemiology and modern statistical approaches to produce robust evidence for exposure assessment and environmental epidemiology. This seminar is co-sponsored by the Center for Environmental Health and Susceptibility and … Read more

Tips to Tame your Email Inbox & Digitally Organize Your Tasks

Do you wish you could figure out a way to tame your email inbox and organize your task list? Register for this free FALD Superpower series workshop event, Productive Power – Outlook Mail and To-Do, to unleash the full potential of Microsoft Outlook and To-Do. Revolutionize the way you handle emails, calendars, and tasks. Discover the tools … Read more

Dr. Sonya Neal Seminar

Dr. Sonya Neal is an Associate Professor in the Division of Biological Sciences at the University of California in San Diego. While from North Carolina, Sonya earned her BS at UCSD, where she graduated with honors with a degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry. She completed her PhD at UCLA, in Carla Koehler’s lab, where she … Read more