RN: Real Nurses - Gina Althoff

Gina Althoff, a nurse at UNC Hospitals, describes herself as "not very outgoing" at work. But if you happen to be one of the many participants sweating it out in her Les Mills Body Combat class in Chapel Hill, that's probably the last thing you would think about her.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Written by Stephen Garrett for UNC Health Care

Gina stands onstage in front of wall-to-wall mirrors and leads her class through choreographed kickboxing and martial arts moves while keeping rhythm to hyped-up techno workout music. She wears a microphone and yells to motivate the class as she leads them through a grueling hour of training.

She's been working out seriously for many years and doesn't plan to stop anytime soon - and it shows in her intensity and drive.

We had a lot of fun filming Gina's class for this month's episode, but it definitely made us feel like we needed to exercise a bit more - since just watching her was exhausting!

Gina is dedicated 100 percent to her work as a nurse - but amazingly finds another 100 percent to give to her work as a fitness instructor - encouraging scores of people to exercise and get fit several times a week.

Enjoy this month's episode of RN: Real Nurses. If you still haven't found the motivation reach those New Year's resolutions to get in shape, try one of Gina’s classes.  She’ll help you find that extra 100 percent.

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