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Dr. Ricky Bloomfield plays a mean jazz saxophone. He also develops iPhone and iPad apps. And he's a Chief Resident in Pediatrics at UNC.

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Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2012

Written By Nathan Clendenin for UNC Health Care

Dr. Richard "Ricky" Bloomfield is a Chief Resident in Pediatrics who spends most of his day talking with patients, physicians, nurses, and staff in English. But what may surprise you is that Ricky is fluent in many languages.

For starters, he picked up fluency in Spanish while doing mission work for two years in Southern California, and now uses it frequently in his role as pediatrician. At N.C. State University, where he double-majored in secondary education and chemistry, he also minored in Spanish and saxophone performance. While jazz improvisation uses no words, many would say that music has a language of its own. A language which communicates to the listener on an entirely different level. Today, Ricky plays his saxes (tenor, alto and soprano) with the Route 55 Jazz Orchestra where he allows his creativity to flow freely.  

If that weren't enough, in 2009 Ricky took on yet another language: Objective-C.  It's the language of iOS applications for iPhone and iPad. His first app, UNC Housestaff, was inspired to eliminate all the business cards, seminar handouts and directories he and the other residents had to stuff into their white coats. The app is now used across the hospital and provides access to the paging and email systems, in addition to volumes of other helpful information physicians now have at their fingertips.  

When finished with residency, Ricky plans to pursue a career in medical informatics so he can continue to break ground in information management and to help make the medical industry more efficient on a systems level while also producing better outcomes for patients.  

Turn up the sound on your speakers and get ready for this month's installment of real doctors, real people!

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