UNC researcher interviewed on Irish radio

The Moncrieff Show recently interviewed Dr. Rebecca Knickmeyer Santelli about her research showing that the kinds of microbes found in dirty baby diapers can predict the child's later cognitive development.

UNC researcher interviewed on Irish radio click to enlarge Rebecca Knickmeyer Santelli, PhD

August 2, 2017

UNC’s Rebecca Knickmeyer Santelli, PhD, was interviewed recently on Ireland’s Moncrieff Show on newstalk 106-108 FM radio.  This radio station is "quasi-national" (covering most, but not all of the country) and is the closest thing they have to “Irish National Radio.”

The Moncrieff Show program covers a variety of topics including health and science, but approaches it in a lighthearted manner for the consumer audience there. 

The station contacted Dr. Santelli after reading about her research on Toddler Brain Development: bacterial clues found in dirty baby diapers.  

Listen to the interview here: 

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