From Zimbabwe to Chapel Hill
Nearly a decade ago, fearing for her life, UNC medical student Tendai Kwaramba fled Zimbabwe and the ruthless regime of Robert Mugabe. Today, she's a political refugee living in the United States, on her way to becoming a physician.
Revolutionary approach for treating glioblastoma works with human cells
UNC-Chapel Hill researchers led by UNC Lineberger member Shawn Hingtgen, PhD, reach a critical milestone for treating brain cancer.
UNC researchers find new potential route to treat asthma
Scientists at the UNC School of Medicine have identified and isolated a protein that could play a vital role in regulating proper airway function. When that protein is low in volume or missing altogether, it can cause airway hyper-reactivity in asthma.
Ten named Health Care Heroes by Triangle Business Journal
The Triangle Business Journal recently announced the winners of its annual Health Care Heroes awards. UNC Health Care was well represented on the list, with ten winners who will be honored at a banquet on March 16.
Water supply update: Tap water now safe to drink and use for hand hygiene

Based on test results OWASA received early Saturday afternoon, it is now safe to drink tap water and use tap water for hand hygiene at UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill and at our clinics supplied by OWASA.
Water supply update: UNC Hospitals, campus return to normal water usage
Additional testing Sunday morning indicated that water supplied by OWASA is safe to drink.
How Life Survives: UNC researchers confirm basic mechanism of DNA repair
Findings come from an advanced DNA sequencing application developed by the lab of University of North Carolina Nobel Laureate Aziz Sancar.
“That rare and wonderful thing called hope”: A UNC alum’s Lewy body dementia diagnosis and the doctor who made all the difference
A recent News & Observer article highlights the work of Dan Kaufer, MD, director of the UNC Memory Disorders Center, and how he helps patients diagnosed with Lewy body dementia and other neurocognitive disorders.
UNC researcher to headline upcoming Science Café
UNC neuroscientist Flavio Frohlich, PhD, will be the featured scientist at the Science Café at the N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences in downtown Raleigh. The event takes place Feb. 16 at 7 p.m.
Researchers use MRIs to predict which high-risk babies will develop autism as toddlers
This first-of-its-kind study used MRIs to image the brains of infants, and then researchers used brain measurements and a computer algorithm to accurately predict autism before symptoms set in.
Grateful for Every Breath
In 1990, Howell Graham was the first patient at UNC Hospitals with cystic fibrosis to receive a double lung transplant. Over the years he has tried several times, but couldn’t quite find the right words to say ‘thank you’ for the gift he received. Now, he says he’s finally ready.
Researchers awarded grant to study strategy to improve immunotherapy response
With a $1.74 million grant from the NIH, UNC Lineberger researchers led by H. Shelton Earp, MD, will study a potential new strategy for improving immunotherapy drug responses in patients with melanoma.
Patients and their records agree on medical history for most maladies
A study led by UNC Lineberger researcher Ronald Chen, MD, found that a group of prostate cancer patients reliably reported their own medical histories when their responses were compared to their medical records.
Researchers implicate suspect in heart disease linked to diabetes
In their study of the IRS-1 protein, researchers at the University of North Carolina found a new lead for reversing or preventing heart disease associated with diabetes.
Researchers uncover brain circuitry central to reward-seeking behavior
Published today in Nature, the discovery has major implications for the study of motivation, decision making, as well as addiction and other disorders.
Study shows link between patient complaints and increased risk of postoperative complications
Results published in JAMA Surgery reinforce the importance of communication, teamwork, and professionalism during patient care.
UNC Center for Health Innovation and AARP Collaborate on Digital Health Solutions for the 50+ Population
The second Digital Health Innovation SprintTM will address the challenge of how can wearables be used to galvanize the 50+ population to take the right medications as prescribed?
Autism study gains national attention
Published last week in the journal Nature, the research shows it is possible to use MRIs to predict which high-risk babies will go on to develop autism as toddlers.
UNC neuroscientist headlines Science Café
Watch video of UNC researcher Flavio Frohlich, PhD, speak at last week's Science Café at the N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences in downtown Raleigh. Frohlich is an assistant professor of psychiatry, cell biology & physiology, and biomedical engineering at the UNC School of Medicine.
UNC researcher finds safer, less-invasive method of staging endometrial cancer
Using dye to map cancer metastases, Emma Rossi, MD, and UNC collaborators lead large study to help patients avoid complications from surgery.
Measuring patients' muscles to predict chemotherapy side effects
UNC Lineberger researchers Hy Muss, MD, Shlomit Strulov Shachar, MD, and colleagues report in the journal Clinical Cancer Research that a measure of muscle mass and muscle quality developed at UNC could potentially help doctors better identify patients at high risk for side effects that could require hospitalization.
Starting the conversation to improve diabetes care
Anna Kahkoska and Nick Brazeau, students in UNC’s MD-PhD program, have developed an innovative approach to patient care at the Open Door Clinic, a free clinic in Burlington staffed by students from the UNC School of Medicine, Elon University, and Alamance Community College that treats a large number of patients with diabetes.
UNC research helps answer why genetic mutation leads to decreased triglycerides in blood
Doctoral student Cassandra Hayne, working with Saskia Naher, PhD, found that a specific mutated version of a lipoprotein binds more effectively to liver cells, thus explaining decreased levels of triglycerides in blood.
Graham’s Transplant Story Garners Statewide Attention
On Feb. 14 – National Organ Donor Day – we published a video featuring Howell Graham. In 1990, Graham was the first UNC Hospitals patient with Cystic Fibrosis to receive a double lung transplant. Now, he’s the longest living lung transplant recipient in the United States.
UNC Lineberger launches innovative cellular immunotherapy program
The early-stage cellular immunotherapy trials are for patients with either Hodgkin lymphoma or non-Hodgkin lymphoma, who lack other treatment options or are at high risk of their disease returning.
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