Optogenetics Breakthrough: UNC scientists expand the use of light to control protein activity in cells
The new research technique, developed by researchers at the UNC School of Medicine and UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, has the potential to illuminate the roles of previously inaccessible proteins important for health and disease.
Start-up with UNC ties secures $2.9 million to develop blood test for cancer
A start-up company co-founded by UNC Lineberger researcher Andrew Wang has raised $2.9 million to commercialize a test designed to capture cancer cells circulating in the blood.
The science of baby’s first sight
UNC scientists conduct seminal experiments to unveil how early-in-life visual experiences – simply trying to see – sculpt a particular subnetwork of brain circuitry we need in order to see properly.
New study identifies most important factors in aesthetic surgery patient decisions
UNC School of Medicine researchers, led by Cindy Wu, MD, used a crowdsourcing model to identify what potential patients value most when seeking an aesthetic surgeon.
A Culinary Christmas
Each year, Stuart Gold, MD, chief of the Division of Pediatric Hematology-Oncology, works on Christmas. He considers it his duty to be there for the patients and their families on his unit, 5 Children’s, who would rather be at home during the holidays but are undergoing treatment for serious medical conditions including cancer and blood disorders.
Helping solve a health care shortage
Less than a year after she earned her degree from UNC, Misty Cox is already putting her skills to work — and helping make North Carolinians healthier in the process. Cox, a 2016 UNC-Chapel Hill graduate, is one of 13 fellows participating in MedServe, a program focused on helping solve the problem of health care shortages across North Carolina. The program was co-founded by Patrick O'Shea, a UNC School of Medicine Student.
Should biomedical graduate schools ignore the GRE?
UNC research shows test scores don’t forecast productivity or success in graduate programs within the experimental sciences.
Cost, technology issues are barriers to real-time cancer patient symptom reporting
In a perspective published in the New England Journal of Medicine, Ethan Basch, MD, MSc, professor of medicine and director of UNC Lineberger’s Cancer Outcomes Research Program, addressed the need for – and the barriers preventing – electronic reporting of patients’ symptoms between visits.
Oliver Smithies, Carolina’s first Nobel laureate, passes away at 91
Are prebiotics the answer for lactose intolerance?
New research led by scientists at the UNC School of Medicine and NC State University demonstrates the effectiveness of using prebiotics to change the composition of the gut microbiome of those suffering from lactose intolerance.
Are you ready to explore baby’s genome?
UNC clinical geneticists are part of a national consortium of researchers studying the ins and outs of genome sequencing for newborn health screenings and beyond.
UV Light Can Aid Hospitals’ Fight to Wipe Out Drug-Resistant Superbugs
UNC's Dr. David Weber and Dr. William Rutala are co-authors of the study, which found that adding UV light to standard cleaning cut transmission of 4 resistant bacteria by 30 percent.
Another molecular clue in the mysterious influence of microbiota in the gut
By focusing on small molecules called microRNAs in stem cells of the intestine, UNC School of Medicine researchers have proposed a new mechanism by which gut microbes might help keep us healthy or make us sick.
A Gene’s Journey from Covert to Celebrated
Unmasking a previously misunderstood gene, University of North Carolina scientists discover an unlikely potential drug target for gastrointestinal cancers.
UNC Senior Alliance Chosen as Medicare Next Generation Accountable Care Organization
This innovative model expands services available to patients.
Effective Monday, Jan. 23: Visitor restrictions across UNC Hospitals for children under 12
To ensure the safety of our patients, children ages 11 and younger are prohibited from visiting inpatient areas and waiting rooms at UNC Hospitals (at the Chapel Hill and Hillsborough locations) beginning Monday, Jan. 23, 2017.
The Unintended Consequences of Centralized Blood Banking and What To Do About It
According to Anthony Charles, MD, MPH, of the UNC School of Medicine, the WHO should amend its centralization policy to help doctors save lives in Sub-Saharan Africa.
On target: UNC researcher arms platelets to deliver cancer immunotherapy
UNC, NCSU biomedical engineering research team’s findings show that engineered platelets can deliver antibodies to kill cancer cells before they can grow or spread elsewhere in the body.
This is LSD attached to a brain cell serotonin receptor
For the first time, UNC School of Medicine researchers crystalized the structure of LSD attached to a human serotonin receptor of a brain cell, and they may have discovered why an “acid trip” lasts so long.
Caltech researcher David Anderson wins Perl-UNC Neuroscience Prize
Past winners include six scientists who went on to win the Nobel Prize.
U.S. cancer death rate declines, but work is needed to address local disparities
UNC Lineberger researchers Ethan Basch, MD, MSc, and Stephanie Wheeler, PhD, MPH, called for tailored, local-level cancer prevention, screening and treatment efforts to address regional disparities in cancer mortality rates in an editorial published in JAMA on Tuesday.
Researchers unlock mechanism of drug resistance in aggressive breast cancer
UNC Lineberger researchers find how triple negative breast cancer cells are able to bypass treatment with trametinib, an FDA-approved drug. The researchers also used lab models of breast cancer to test a potential treatment approach that could prevent resistance.
Collaboration offers genetic testing for NC newborns
A new NIH-funded consortium in North Carolina will offer Early Check, a free newborn screening done in partnership with the N.C. State Laboratory of Public Health, UNC, Duke University, and Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.
UNC Medical Center is First in the Mid Atlantic to Treat Patients with Next Generation Cardiac Mapping System
New technology enables tailored treatment for patients with cardiac arrhythmias.
Scientists illuminate the neurons of social attraction
With a whiff of the opposite sex, these hormone-sensitive neurons trigger pro-social behavior in mice and could play roles in anxiety, depression, and other mood-related conditions in humans.
UNC receives $2.5-million grant to explore new therapy for anhedonia
As part of NIMH’s Experimental Therapeutics Initiative and led by Gabriel Dichter, PhD, researchers will use neuroimaging to evaluate a new treatment for decreased motivation and pleasure, symptoms that are common to many psychiatric disorders.
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