ALS: New Clues to the Cause and How Future Drugs Might Reverse Disease
UNC and NC State researchers team up to reverse TDP-43 protein aggregation, a hallmark of degenerative diseases.
Pregnant women should be included in Zika virus vaccine research, new guidance says
The inclusion of pregnant women in Zika virus vaccine research is crucial to solving the international health crisis, according to new guidance published by UNC’s Center for Bioethics and two other universities.
Kenan Charitable Trust Awards $1.5 million to UNC Health Affairs Schools
The William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust has awarded the UNC School of Medicine $1.5 million to establish interprofessional clinical experiences for health professions students in rural areas of the state, launching the UNC Rural Interprofessional Health Initiative (RIPHI).
Teen ACL injuries on the rise, UNC researchers call for wider use of injury prevention programs
New research from UNC shows that rates of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction are increasing sharply, with the most dramatic increase among girls aged 13-17.
UNC Health Care honored as 'Most Wired Advanced'
UNC Health Care is one of only 27 systems in the United States to be recognized as a 'Most Wired Advanced’ health system by the American Hospital Association (AHA) for its use of information technology to improve patient care and clinical integration.
Sloane, Zimmerman named editors-in-chief of JAMDA
Philip Sloane, MD, MPH, in the department of family medicine, and Sheryl Zimmerman, PhD, at the UNC School of Social Work, will lead the top journal for post-acute and long-term health care.
A new resource for Alzheimer’s and dementia caregivers
Longtime UNC family medicine researcher Philip Sloane, MD, MPH, wrote a book that employs the latest clinical evidence to help those caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.
From Jam Salesman to National Leader
Since his early days as a Jaycee, when he sold jam to raise money for the still-young North Carolina Jaycee Burn Center, Ernest Grant, PhD, RN,FAAN, has been eager to support his community. Today he serves as the coordinator for the Burn Center’s internationally recognized Burn Prevention Program and was recently reelected as Vice President of the American Nurses Association. We sat down with Dr. Grant to learn more about what brought him to UNC, why advocacy is so important to burn care and what it means to be a leader.
Toddler Brain Development: bacterial clues found in dirty baby diapers
Can the kinds of microbes colonizing the gut at age 1 predict later cognitive development? Findings from the UNC School of Medicine shed light on the surprising role of bacteria in how our brains develop during the first years of life.
The Trust Launches Milestone Wellness Assessment for Former NFL Players
UNC’s Center for the Study of Retired Athletes performs the assessments in conjunction with UNC Health Care.
Clinical trials framework proposed to bring cancer treatments to sub-Saharan Africa
In the journal PLOS Medicine, Satish Gopal, MD, MPH, cancer program director for UNC-Project Malawi, outlined a framework to design studies and bring cancer therapies to sub-Saharan Africa in the absence of clinical trial data specific to the region’s population and health care infrastructure.
UNC Study Advances the Ability to Expose Latent HIV
UNC researchers led by Nancie Archin, PhD, and David Margolis, MD, have shown that interval dosing of the drug Vorinostat reverses HIV latency and is well-tolerated in people living with HIV. However, while Vorinostat makes latent HIV easier to detect, it does not clear or deplete infection, meaning additional advances will be needed to achieve a cure. These results were published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation on July 17.
UNC-Project Malawi looks forward to future discovery
From a vaccine for malaria to ending the HIV epidemic, UNC infectious diseases researchers in Malawi gear up to take on more challenges in a changing country.
Training a Nation Part II
On the ground with Anthony Charles, MD, MPH, and the Malawian Surgical Initiative.
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