New tools made possible by Epic@UNC Healthy Planet help providers adjust to a new model of care
From Best Practice Advisories for ambulatory practices to composite scores, Epic@UNC Healthy Planet provides tools to help clinics manage patient populations – a key to success in a rapidly changing health care market.
A Mother’s Gift
Ten years ago Carol Offen donated a kidney to her son. Today she works to demystify the process of live organ donation in the hopes that more people will give the gift of life.
UNC researchers featured in American Society of Hematology video
UNC’s Nigel Key and Alisa Wolberg labs were featured in a recent video produced by the American Society of Hematology to urge continued National Institutes of Health support for ongoing research of venous thromboembolism and other hematologic conditions.
Infant MRIs show autism linked to increased cerebrospinal fluid
MRIs show a brain anomaly in nearly 70 percent of babies at high risk of developing the condition who go on to be diagnosed, laying the groundwork for a predictive aid for pediatricians and the search for a potential treatment.
Bronze Stars, White Coat
As a student in the UNC School of Medicine's Physician Assistant Program, two-time Bronze Star Award recipient Curtis Carr is building on the medical skills he acquired as a Green Beret medic serving in Afghanistan. He looks forward to applying these skills in the civilian world next year.
UNC neurologist to headline Brain Health Awareness Week event
This Is Your Brain: A lecture and Q&A with UNC neurologist Dan Kaufer, MD, will take place at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, March 15, at the UNC Fed Ex Global Education Center, 301 Pittsboro St., Chapel Hill.
Improving Geriatric Emergency Medicine
UNC Health Care recently held a Geriatric Emergency Medicine Boot Camp to generate ideas for improving emergency care for elderly adults. The boot camp was the result of UNC Health Care’s participation in the Geriatric Emergency Medicine Collaborative, a national collaborative of health-care systems seeking to produce better outcomes for these patients.
UNC Health Care reiterates patient policy
Due to uncertainty regarding current U.S. immigration policy, patients are signaling their fear of deportation should they seek medical care. We want to make clear that our policy regarding patients and personal information has not changed.
Earp, Ting recognized for career achievements in cancer research
H. Shelton Earp, MD, director of UNC Cancer Care and the Lineberger Professor of Cancer Research, and Jenny P.Y. Ting, PhD, UNC Lineberger member and William Rand Kenan Professor of Genetics, have been honored with the Hyman L. Battle Distinguished Cancer Research Award.
'Good' bacteria is possible solution for unchecked inflammation in bowel diseases
In a study published in journal Nature Immunology, researchers led by UNC Lineberger member Jenny P.Y. Ting, PhD, describe how inflammation can go unchecked in the absence of a certain inflammation inhibitor called NLRP12. In a harmful feedback loop, this inflammation can upset the balance of bacteria living in the gut. Beneficial bacterial may be the key to reversing inflammation in the absence of this key regulator.
UNC plant genetics research could lead to more phosphate-efficient crops
Phosphate is a key nutrient vital for best crop yields, but the global supply is limited and could peak in 30 years. This UNC research details how soil bacteria enhance phosphate-seeking in plants to aid plant survival.
Smith Recognized With American College of Cardiology Top Honor
Sidney C. Smith, Jr, MD, will be presented with the Master of the ACC Award at ACC’s 66th Annual Scientific Session.
U.S. News places UNC among nation’s best medical schools
Several UNC School of Medicine specialties ranked near the top in the magazine’s annual rankings.
AAAAI Installs New President at 2017 Annual Meeting
David B. Peden, MD, MS, FAAAAI, is Andrews Professor of Pediatrics and Senior Associate Dean for Translational Research at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Match Day: Sharing the Moment
No one gets through medical school alone. Just before Match Day, members of this year's class took some time to reflect on those who have helped push them along the way, and those whose examples they would like to emulate as they move on into residency.
New partnership launches Carolina Hepatitis Academic Mentorship Program
The state-wide program to help patients across North Carolina grew out of the successful doctor mentorship initiative led by Michael Fried, MD, Director of the UNC Liver Center.
Adventure in the Face of Cancer
At 28 years old, Dave Carbonell was months away from completing his residency in Emergency Medicine at UNC. Then cancer struck – acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Today, after years of intense treatment, he’s cancer free, working as an Emergency Department physician in California and helping other young adults during their cancer journey.
UNC Health Care notifies prenatal patients of possible information breach
Women seen for prenatal appointments between 2014 and 2017 may have filled out an informational form that was erroneously sent to the health department in their county.
The Mechanism of Mucus: UNC discovery could lead to better cystic fibrosis treatments
University of North Carolina scientists found that mucin proteins, which make mucus thick and sticky, fail to unfold properly in the airways of people with cystic fibrosis. And they found the lack of water in the lung can trigger the misfolding mucins.
New insights on side effects can help prostate cancer patients choose treatments
A study led by Ronald C. Chen, MD, examines quality-of-life outcomes for modern treatment choices most patients will face, including active surveillance, radical prostatectomy, external beam radiation treatment, and brachytherapy.
UNC School of Medicine Celebrates Match Day
On Friday, March 17, the UNC School of Medicine held the annual Match Day celebration. Students and their families gathered to celebrate and to learn where the students will complete their residency training. Check out this graphic with more information on this year's Match results.
Poor oral health and food scarcity major contributors to malnutrition in older adults
Findings point to need for dental care and food assistance programs in elderly. Timothy Platts-Mills, MD, is a senior author of the study.
UNC Discount Available for Precision Medicine World Conference at Duke
The annual Precision Medicine World Conference, which is typically held in Silicon Valley, will come to the east coast this year: May 24-25 at Duke University. It will feature several prominent speakers including UNC's William Roper, MD, MPH, Charles Perou, PhD, and Jonathan Berg, MD, PhD. Registration is open now, and those who register before April 3 will receive a 30 percent discounted rate.
Preterm births more common in mothers who are cancer survivors
UNC Lineberger's Hazel Nichols, PhD, Chelsea Anderson, MPH, and their colleagues report that women diagnosed and treated for cancer during their childbearing years more commonly gave birth prematurely, and to babies whose weights were below normal. Cancer survivors also had a slightly higher rate of cesarean section deliveries.
UNC researchers link orphan receptor to opioid-induced itching
With a more accurate understanding of the characteristics and function of the receptor MRGRPX2, University of North Carolina School of Medicine researchers were also able to create chemical probe that will allow them study the receptor more precisely.
Rotating at UNC REX Healthcare
For the first time, UNC School of Medicine students will have the opportunity to conduct clinical rotations at UNC REX Healthcare in Raleigh. Marc Weinberg, the first student to take advantage of the new partnership, will soon complete his training there.
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