UNC Discount Available for Precision Medicine World Conference at Duke

The annual Precision Medicine World Conference, which is typically held in Silicon Valley, will come to the east coast this year: May 24-25 at Duke University. It will feature several prominent speakers including UNC's William Roper, MD, MPH, Charles Perou, PhD, and Jonathan Berg, MD, PhD. Registration is open now, and those who register before April 3 will receive a 30 percent discounted rate.

The Precision Medicine World Conference is a gathering of multidisciplinary attendees from the international precision medicine community. PMWC 2017 Duke, will spotlight the explosion of biomedical technologies, driving initiatives that enable the translation of precision medicine into direct improvements in health care.

Among the more than 100 speakers are several key members of the UNC School of Medicine community:

  • Charles Perou, PhD, will deliver a lecture titled "Sequencing Studies for Gene Expression Analysis"
  • William Roper, MD, MPH, will be featured on a panel titled "Leaders in Academia to Foster Collaborations," headed by Ralph Snyderman, MD, chancellor emeritus of Duke University and former Dean of the Duke School of Medicine
  • Jonathan Berg, MD, PhD, will deliver a lecture titled "Taking Genomic Sequencing from Diagnosis to Screening"

Additionally, here's what will be on the agenda of the 12th PMWC:

  • More than 30 sessions with 100+ thought provoking, insightful talks that cover all facets of Precision Medicine
  • A line-up of 100+ highly-regarded speakers featuring recognized authorities across the healthcare and biotechnology sectors
  • Luminary and Pioneer Awards honoring Francis Collins of the NIH and more
  • 500+ attendees from across the entire spectrum of healthcare, representing different types of companies, technologies, and medical centers with leadership roles in precision medicine

More information and instructions on how to register, and receive the discounted rate, please go to this site.

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