Jonas publishes two JAMA Evidence Reports on ECG Cardiac Screenings
Dan Jonas, MD, MPH, associate professor of medicine and deputy director for research at the Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health Services Research, found that using electrocardiography in screening asymptomatic adults for cardiovascular disease may cause more harm than good.
Sebastian's Story
Sebastian Gonzalez and his family traveled from Costa Rica to North Carolina for one reason: to be treated by Andrea Hayes-Jordan, MD. Hayes-Jordan serves as Chief of the Division of Pediatric Surgery at the UNC School of Medicine, and Surgeon in Chief at the North Carolina Children’s Hospital. She's also one of the few physicians in the world to specialize in the treatment of Desmoplastic small round cell tumor, Sebastian’s rare form of cancer.
Chancellor Carol L. Folt and Chair Dale Jenkins Announce Search Committee for Successor to William L. Roper, MD, MPH
UNC-Chapel Hill Chancellor Carol L. Folt and UNC Health Care Board of Directors Chair Dale Jenkins have named Robert A. Blouin, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, as chair, and Charles D. Owen, vice chair of the UNC Health Care Board of Directors, as vice chair for the search committee.
Researchers find potential key to unlocking the immune system in pancreatic cancer
In the journal Cancer Immunology Research, scientists led by UNC Lineberger's Yuliya Pylayeva-Gupta, PhD, revealed that a molecule called interleukin-35 plays a role in suppressing cancer-fighting immune cells in pancreatic cancer.
Review of scientific evidence on effectiveness of fertility awareness-based methods for contraception underscores need for higher quality studies
The systematic review led by UNC’s Rachel Peragallo Urrutia, MD, was published this week in Obstetrics and Gynecology. It reviewed 53 studies of the effectiveness of fertility awareness-based methods and rated the studies for their quality.
UNC School of Medicine Welcomes Class of 2022
The UNC School of Medicine welcomed the Class of 2022 to campus with orientation activities beginning on Wednesday, Aug. 1.
Bright Delivers Whitehead Lecture
This year’s Whitehead Lecture was delivered by Cedric Bright, MD, Associate Dean for Inclusive Excellence, Director of the Office of Special Programs.
Doctor-patient discussions neglect potential harms of lung cancer screening, study finds
UNC Lineberger researchers led by Daniel Reuland, MD, MPH, report in JAMA Internal Medicine that their analysis of 14 audio-recorded office visit discussions between doctors and patients found the quality of the conversation about lung cancer screening was “poor” and discussion of the potential harms of screening was “virtually nonexistent.” In addition, the doctors spent less than a minute, on average, discussing the issue.
UNC Health Care Hospitals Ranked Nationally and Rated as “High Performing”
UNC Medical Center nationally ranked in five adult specialties, scored as high performing in five more. Four other UNC Health Care hospitals rated high performing for common adult procedures and conditions.
Researchers Reveal Miscarriage Cause, Key Cellular Targets of Potential Drugs
UNC School of Medicine researchers show how a rare gene defect disrupts an important interaction between proteins, including cellular receptors crucial to cell function and human health.
UNC School of Medicine welcomes new PhD students to BBSP
The Biomedical and Biological Sciences Program (BBSP) welcomed a new class of PhD students to Chapel Hill this week for orientation.
Scientists Discover Intricacies of Serotonin Receptor Crucial for Better Therapeutics
By crystalizing a serotonin receptor bound to several common compounds, UNC School of Medicine scientists led by Bryan L. Roth discovered how slightly different drugs can cause severe side effects or none at all. The findings should accelerate the design of safer and more effective medications for a variety of conditions.
Blue Cross NC, UNC Health Alliance agreement lowers Triangle ACA rates by more than 21 percent
Plans will cost $140 less per month on average before subsidies. New agreement means $200 million reduction in healthcare costs for 2019 in Triangle. Statewide, Blue Cross NC is lowering ACA rates by an average of 4.1 percent.
Researchers reveal how gene variant is linked to chronic pain after traumatic injury
The study, led by Sarah Linnstaedt, PhD, in the Department of Anesthesiology, shows that the reason the variant affects chronic pain outcomes is because it alters the ability of the gene FKBP5 to be regulated by a microRNA.
Stem cells show promise as drug delivery tool for childhood brain cancer
UNC Lineberger’s Shawn Hingtgen, PhD, and his collaborators including Scott Elton, MD, showed they could shrink tumors in laboratory models of medulloblastoma and extend life. Results of this PLOS ONE study provide a necessary step toward developing clinical trials for children.
Researchers lay the foundation for personalized immune treatments for leukemia
In the journal Blood Advances, UNC Lineberger’s Ben Vincent, MD, Paul Armistead, MD, PhD, and their collaborators reported early findings from a new study that could aid in the development of immune-based treatments tailored to individual leukemia patients undergoing stem cell transplantation.
Davis returns to UNC as Chair of Pediatrics
Stephanie Duggins Davis, MD, began her new role as Chair of the Department of Pediatrics and Physician in Chief at NC Children’s Hospital in late July. It’s a return home for the North Carolina native who previously spent 12 years as a member of the pediatrics faculty.
Investigational Treatment for Postpartum Depression Consistently Reduced Symptoms Across Three Trials, Supporting Submission for FDA Approval
The findings of the integrated analysis from one phase 2 and two phase 3 pivotal trials were published today in The Lancet. Lead author Samantha Meltzer-Brody, MD, MPH, of the UNC School of Medicine said the promising results mark a major step forward in women’s health care.
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