UNC to Host Brain Stimulation Conference

Spearheaded by Flavio Frohlich, PhD, the conference will gather the top minds in the field of neurostimulation this May in Chapel Hill. Registration is now open.

UNC to Host Brain Stimulation Conference click to enlarge Flavio Frohlich, PhD

What if stimulating the brain with a very weak stream of electricity could have therapeutic benefit for a variety of conditions from chronic pain to schizophrenia? That's what researchers at the UNC School of Medicine, led by Flavio Frohlich, PhD, associate professor of psychiatry, are investigating. This May, Frohlich and colleagues at the Carolina Center for Neurostimulation are gathering the top minds in this burgeoning field of neurostimulation for a conference in Chapel Hill.

Frohlich will give an opening lecture, and then doctors and researchers from around the world will lead a variety of sessions on the research and clinical aspects of therapeutic brain stimulation. The conference will be held May 21-23. Registration is now open. There is a separate brain stimulation workshop available, as well. Registration for that is separate.

Frohlich is a member of the UNC Neuroscience Center with joint appointments in the departments of biomedical engineering, and cell biology and physiology.

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