Kuhlman wins DeLano Award for computer applications to enhance research
The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology issued 12 awards to top scientists, including Brian Kuhlman, PhD, professor of biochemistry and biophysics.
Peden named chair of FDA Allergenic Products Advisory Committee
The advisory committee advises the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research at the FDA on matters, including approvals, related to allergenic products for clinical use with specific indications for allergic diseases including allergic rhinitis, asthma, food allergy, and insect allergy.
UNC School of Medicine Celebrates Third Annual Class of Yang Family Biomedical Scholars
The award, which recognizes the research achievements of young tenured faculty, is made possible through a generous donation from Lenovo chairman and CEO Yuanqing Yang with additional financial support from Mr. To Hing Wu. This year’s recipients are Yen-Yu Ian Shih, Louise Henderson, and Jon Juliano.
Treating & Preventing Fireworks Burns – Dr. Bruce Cairns (WRAL TV) and Dr. Ernest Grant (Spectrum) *VIDEO*
Bruce Cairns, MD, director of the North Carolina Jaycee Burn Center, and Ernest Grant, PhD, outreach coordinator for the burn center, were featured on WRAL and Spectrum News prior to July 4.
Dr. Bryan Roth featured as science expert on opioid and addiction podcast
Bryan L. Roth, MD, PhD, the Michael Hooker Distinguished Professor of Pharmacology, was featured on the Naked Scientists Podcast for his work on developing pain medications without the most severe side effects.
Can CRISPR/Cas9 help cure Angelman Syndrome?
In this UNC Science Short video, we feature the work of Mark Zylka's lab, which the Angelman Syndrome Foundation has awarded $200,000 to investigate CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing technology as the basis for a cure to Angelman Syndrome, a rare but devastating neuro-genetic condition.
UNC Lineberger, King's College London scientists collaborate to accelerate cancer research
Across two days in June, scientists held sessions on breast cancer and immunotherapy research, with a focus on identifying cooperative initiatives and funding opportunities.
Researchers clarify role of mutations in glioblastoma
In a preclinical study, researchers led by UNC Lineberger's Ryan Miller, MD, PhD, investigated whether the location of where the mutation occurred within the sequence of the PIK3CA gene affected the mutation’s ability to help drive cancerous growth. They also evaluated whether the location of the mutation would affect the cancer's response to certain treatments.
UNC research, diabetes expertise featured in video at international conference
The American Diabetes Association featured UNC-Chapel Hill diabetes experts and leaders in a video presented at the ADA's 78th Scientific Sessions this summer.
The Love of Caring
Jean Cates, RN, has been a nurse for more years than N.C. Memorial Hospital has been standing and has been providing care at UNC Hospitals for more than five decades of that time. She has devoted her life to caring for people. For those of us who work at the hospital, Jean was a familiar face in Occupational Health Services (OHS) where she has worked for the past few decades as a temporary RN. Jean retired (for the second time) at the end of June 2018.
Four UNC SOM Students named NC Schweitzer Fellows
Susan Zhao, Jamie Prince, Nicole Damari, and Yousef Abu-Salha were selected as North Carolina Schweitzer Fellows in the 2018 class of 28 graduate students who will spend next year improving community health and developing lifelong leadership skills.
SOM Office of Research appoints Christopher Gregory director of Office of Research Technologies
Christopher Gregory, PhD, has been appointed director of the Office of Research Technologies to increase interdisciplinary science and maximize resources available to UNC School of Medicine researchers.
UNC Health Care first in NC to integrate with NC Controlled Substance Reporting System
Giant step forward in empowering physicians to address the opioid epidemic.
By sending tests in the mail, researchers boost colorectal cancer screening
Alison Brenner, PhD, MPH, and Stephanie Wheeler, PhD, MPH, researchers with UNC Lineberger’s Carolina Cancer Screening Initiative, in collaboration with the Mecklenburg County Health Department in Charlotte, examined the impact of targeted outreach to more than 2,100 people insured by Medicaid who were not up-to-date with colorectal cancer screening.
UNC School of Medicine graduate students earn prestigious HHMI Gilliam Fellowships
Megan Agajanian, in the lab of Ben Major, PhD, and Juanita Limas, in the lab of Jean Cook, PhD, will receive up to $150,000 each to support their biomedical research at the UNC School of Medicine and the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center.
Researchers find that private insurance pays more for emergency department visits
UNC researchers led by Jonathan Yun, MD, MPH, find that private insurance had the greatest average annual increase in spending for each ED visit between 1996 through 2015.
Can Scientists Leverage Mysterious Mossy Cells for Brain Disease Treatments?
UNC School of Medicine neuroscientist Juan Song, PhD, and colleagues show how specific brain cells communicate with adult neural stem cells, a discovery that could open new investigations into potential treatments for some neurological disorders and brain injuries.
Buy your tickets to Be Loud! 2018, a concert to support AYA cancer program at UNC Lineberger
The Be Loud! Sophie Foundation will hold its annual concert weekend fundraiser at Cat's Cradle August 24 and 25. Tickets are now available. ALL proceeds fund the AYA Cancer Support Program at the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center.
These Gummy Bear-Looking Things Will Inherit the Earth
What can we learn from tardigrades, aka ‘water bears,’ these ultimate survivors? And what might they help us figure out regarding human health and disease?
Discovery of kidney cancer driver could lead to new treatment strategy
In a study published in the journal Science, researchers led by UNC Lineberger's Qing Zhang, PhD, suggest that ZHX2 is a potential new therapeutic target for clear cell renal cell carcinoma, which is the most common type of kidney cancer.
Child Maltreatment Outreach Service connects UNC Health Care hospitals via Telemedicine
A grant from The Duke Endowment funded the creation of the Telemedicine Child Maltreatment Outreach Service. The service connects six UNC Health Care facilities to the UNC Child Protection Team for consultation in suspected cases of child abuse.
Researchers Reveal Hidden Rules of Genetics for How Life on Earth Began
UNC researcher Charles Carter, PhD, and Peter Wills, PhD, from the University of Aukland, show how genes were first translated into proteins to offer insight into a long-time scientific mystery.
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