UCLA, UNC, MIT Researchers Successfully Test Coin-Sized Smart Insulin Patch
Zhen Gu, PhD, former professor in the UNC/NSCU Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering, led animal studies, a precursor to human trials, for a new device to automatically manage glucose levels and deliver needed insulin quickly. UNC’s John Buse, MD, PhD, was co-author of the study.
NCI Appoints Gopal Director of Center for Global Health
The National Cancer Institute has named Satish Gopal, MD, MPH, director of the NCI Center for Global Health. He began this his new role February 3, 2020.
Silverstein celebrates five years as a ‘previvor’ with UNC Lineberger fundraiser
After consulting with an interdisciplinary team of “angel doctors” from the University of North Carolina Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, Charlotte resident Beth Silverstein made a series of health decisions that changed her life.
FDA approves first drug for treatment of peanut allergy for children
This new treatment was developed after years of research, much of it spearheaded and completed by Wesley Burks, MD, and Edwin Kim, MD at the UNC School of Medicine.
Nyrop Receives Grant to Study Interventions for Racial Disparities in Breast Cancer Survival
Kirsten Nyrop, PhD, UNC Lineberger member and assistant professor of hematology/oncology, has received a $50,000 award from the Integrated Approach to Breast Health Equity Competitive Grant Program, a collaboration between the American Cancer Society and Pfizer.
Key Molecular Machine in Cells Pictured in Detail for the First Time
Histone mRNA-cleaving machine, crucial for healthy cell division, yields up its secrets after almost half a century of research. Zbigniew Dominski, PhD, and William Marzluff, PhD, led this effort at the UNC School of Medicine, along with key collaborators at Columbia University and Rockefeller University.
Researchers develop method to engineer immune cells so they grow even in hostile tumors
Researchers led by UNC Lineberger’s Gianpietro Dotti, MD, report in the journal Nature Biotechnology they have created a method for providing a stimulatory signal to super-charge cancer-hunting immune cells, called chimeric antigen receptor T-cells, that have been genetically engineered to hunt and kill specific cancers.
Study finds blood test accurately tracks HPV-linked head and neck cancer
Bhisham Chera, MD, and Gaorav Gupta, MD, PhD, led a study of a blood test to accurately detect HPV-linked head and neck cancer recurrence and confirm when there was no evidence of disease.
Approval Processes for Clinical Practice Guidelines Introduce Potential Conflicts of Interest, Review Finds
The study led by UNC’s Jeffrey Sonis, MD, MPH, in the departments of social medicine and family medicine, finds that most of the approval processes used by medical specialty societies in the U.S. have the potential to undermine editorial independence of the guideline development committee.
UNC School of Medicine Announces New Class of FIRST Scholars
The Fully Integrated Readiness for Service Training (FIRST) is a three-year medical school curriculum to fast-track UNC School of Medicine students into UNC Family Medicine Residency, followed by three years of service in NC with ongoing support in practice.
A New Jetlag Drug? Scientists Create Selective Molecules to Bind to Melatonin Receptors
Researchers from the UNC School of Medicine, UC San Francisco, and the University of Buffalo used 3-D computer simulations and pharmacological experiments to create molecules that selectively target the MT1 melatonin receptor to modulate the biological clocks in animal models of jet lag. Bryan L. Roth, MD, PhD, is co-senior author.
TBJ Selects Nine Health Care Heroes from UNC Medical Center, School of Medicine, and UNC REX
The winners of the 2020 Triangle Business Journal Health Care Hero Awards were honored in a ceremony on February 13.
Researchers implicate gene in DNA errors in aggressive breast cancer
Researchers led by UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Gaorav Gupta, MD, PhD, described the role of a mutation in the Mre11 gene in triple negative breast cancer and how a disruption of Mre11 function plays a significant role in the genomic instability of that cancer type.
UNC School of Medicine NIH Funding Jumps More Than $23 Million in Federal FY 2019
All six basic science departments rank in the top 10 in National Institutes of Health funding, according to a new report by the Blue Ridge Institute for Medical Research, and 12 clinical departments rank in the top 30.
UNC Health Care is now “UNC Health”
The UNC Health system introduced a new name, new logo, and new commitment to transformational change.
CAR-T therapy gives patient options after cancer returns
When Sabrina Shelton exhausted traditional treatment options, her care team at UVA referred her to UNC Lineberger’s Matthew Foster, MD, for a chimeric antigen receptor T-cell (CAR-T) therapy clinical trial. Watch the video and read the story about her journey.
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