April 22 - 26, 2013

National Coverage

A Lifeline for Widowed Fathers (Blog)
The New York Times
...At the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Dr. Donald Lee Rosenstein, a psychiatrist, and Justin Michael Yopp, a psychologist, weren’t sure how openly these men would talk about their feelings and struggles. But the researchers saw a pressing need to help them and their children through this trying life experience. Too often, they’d found, widowed fathers contend with social and emotional isolation — a profound aloneness — and suffer in silence.

The Problem With How We Treat Bipolar Disorder
The New York Times
...Some researchers say that in psychosis, the self persists, however tenuously. Sue Estroff, a professor of social medicine at the University of North Carolina, described it as “more of a foreground, background thing. During psychosis, the self recedes.” But, she told me, “you’re still in there.” I don’t think so. If I had been allowed outside, I would have doubted the reality of my shadow.

Research: Exercise might blunt alcohol's effects on brain
HealthDay News
...Scientists are intrigued by how both alcohol and exercise affect the workings of the brain. Alcohol “can remodel brain chemistry and brain structure. It can lead to neuron cell death, and alcoholism can lead to dementia,” said Dr. J.C. Garbutt, a psychiatry professor who studies alcohol use at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. “Exercise has been shown to lead to enhancement of connections in the brain and may help by lowering blood pressure and changing body metabolic factors such as high fats and high blood sugar, which can negatively affect the brain.”

State & Local Coverage

Dream Racer takes children's minds off hospital visits
WRAL-TV (CBS/Raleigh)
A generous gift is making life more enjoyable for children at UNC Children's Hospital. It's a video game built with the same materials as real race cars. Dylan Price, 15, of Greensboro, was the first in a pediatric cancer clinic at UNC to take the Dream Racer for a spin. ...Restart Life, a South Carolina dietary supplements company, raised the money to make the car at UNC Children's Hospital possible.

A counterintuitive heart attack fact at UNC Hospitals
Triangle Business Journal
Those who suffer a particular kind of heart attack while already admitted to UNC Hospitals are 10 times more likely to die than those who suffer the same heart attack outside the hospital walls, according to new research. The reason could be that hospital personnel have a more difficult time recognizing heart attack symptoms in patients admitted to the hospital for non-cardiac conditions.

UNC, Duke University share a promising path to finding an AIDS vaccine
The Daily Tar Heel
…His blood samples were then sent to a laboratory run by scientists from Duke University — and now have led to a discovery published earlier this month that scientists are calling an important step in the path to creating the ever-elusive AIDS vaccine.

“In truth, when we enrolled these patients, we didn’t know we’d find this,” said Dr. Myron Cohen, UNC’s associate vice chancellor for global health, who worked on the study.

“This came as a really fantastic example for the prepared mind.”

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Doctors wary of role in gun rights debate
WRAL-TV (CBS/Raleigh)
...The law varies from state to state. In North Carolina, those who apply for a permit to carry a concealed weapon must prove mental or physical competence. To get that proof, a sheriff's department may place a call to the applicant's personal physician. "One of the real problems which we really found is there really are no standards by which physicians can assess the safety and how that relates to physical conditions and psychological conditions," said Dr. Adam Goldstein, a professor at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine.

Changes should help Pardee adapt
Henderson County leaders put turf issues aside to help assure the long-term viability of Pardee Hospital when they approved a revised management agreement Wednesday with UNC Health Care System.

The move extends a management agreement Pardee signed with UNC Health in June 2011 from 10 to 15 years. It also gives UNC Health greater control over the hospital while expanding the board that governs Pardee from 11 to 15 voting members.

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Johnston Co. hospital accredited for chest pain
The Triangle Business Journal
Johnston Medical Centers in Smithfield and Clayton received "chest pain center" accreditation from the Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care, the health care system announced Thursday. ...Other accredited hospitals in the area include both WakeMed Health & Hospitals campuses and Rex Healthcare, a subsidiary of UNC Health Care. Johnston Health announced on April 1 that it would negotiate a partnership exclusively with UNC Health Care.

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