Feb. 11 - 15, 2013

National News

How best to treat traumatized kids? Research not clear

USA Today

“A research review says better studies are needed to identify effective treatments for kids exposed to traumatic events such as accidents, natural disasters and school shootings. ...Just 21 trials and one study reported in 25 abstracts met the reviewers' standards for quality and strength of evidence, says Adam Zolotor, an associate professor of family medicine at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and a co-author of the study, published Monday in Pediatrics.”


5 fixes for achy joints

Men's Health

“…Rheumatoid arthritis: This is an autoimmune disorder in which your body attacks healthy joint tissue. ‘Rheumatoid arthritis tends to affect the small joints in your hands and feet first,’ says Dr. Joanne Jordan, director of the Thurston Arthritis Research Center at the University of North Carolina. ‘Then other joints, like the shoulders and elbows, start to become painful.’”


Doctors, nurses ask NC lawmakers to grow Medicaid

The Associated Press

“…Dr. Charles van der Horst, an AIDS researcher at professor at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine, said it makes no sense to surrender $15 billion the federal government would pay for the expanded coverage. An outside consultant for the state Department of Health and Human Services said the expansion would generate 23,000 net jobs through 2021 and annual real disposable income of $1 billion.”


State and Local News

Senate would sabotage state’s health, well-being (Opinion-Editorial Column)

The Herald-Sun (Durham)

“On Monday, I lost faith in North Carolina’s elected leadership. I was part of a large group of medical professionals that attended an evening session of the N.C. Senate to protest their attempt to block Medicaid expansion for North Carolinians. I was shocked by what I saw while sitting in the Senate gallery. (Jamie Carter is a Durham native, Jordan High School graduate and UNC medical student, MD/MPH class of 2014.)”


Thousands descend on downtown Raleigh for Krispy Kreme Challenge

The News & Observer (Raleigh)

“Successful racers often have a strategy, and there were two competing techniques at Saturday’s Krispy Kreme Challenge, where runners have to scarf down a dozen doughnuts halfway through a 5-mile jog. ...There were more Pounders than Puffers among the nearly 8,000 runners in the 9th annual race that benefits the UNC Children’s Hospital.”

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Clear savings for society when smoking ceases (Opinion-Editorial Column)

The News & Observer (Raleigh)

“Last month in the New England Journal of Medicine, researchers described how tobacco use remains the No. 1 preventable cause of death. Ironically, the U.S. Surgeon General told the American public almost six decades ago that cigarettes were deadly and over 20 years ago that secondhand smoke from cigarettes and other combustible tobacco is also a major killer. (Leah M. Ranney, Ph.D., is associate director of Tobacco Prevention and Evaluation Program and Adam Goldstein, M.D., is a professor in UNC Family Medicine and director of the Tobacco Prevention and Evaluation Program.)”

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