Jan. 21 - 25, 2013

UNC To Open Masters Program To Special Forces Medics

"Morning Edition" National Public Radio

Some veterans with special skills will be given an opportunity to apply to a new program that will train them in a field that needs more experienced workers. The new master's program at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine is designed for veterans who were medics in the military and would like to become physician assistants.


Does taking vitamin D help ward off the flu? (Column)

"Marketplace" American Public Media

You may have heard that vitamin D, the “sunshine vitamin”, when taken in sufficient amounts may provide added protection against wintertime colds and the flu. The important word here is may. Vitamin D (which is actually a hormone) has become a hot topic in recent years as a result of increased awareness of its positive effects on health including support of bone mineralization, heart and blood vessel function, anti-cancer actions and a general boosting of immunity. (Russell Greenfield, M.D. is assistant clinical professor with the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Medicine, and visiting assistant professor at the University of Arizona College of Medicine.)


Glow Mice

"The State of Things" WUNC-FM

...Sharpless joins host Frank Stasio to discuss new breakthroughs in cancer and aging research. Ned Sharpless is a professor of medicine and genetics at the Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, and the deputy cancer center director at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Allergic to peanuts? Help is on the way (Video)

WTVD-TV (ABC/Raleigh)

A study being done at UNC shows that help is on the horizon for those who suffer from peanut allergies.


UNC Chapel Hill researchers study effects of bottled water on metabolism

Salisbury Post

...Van Horn, of Mint Hill, is a participant in a metabolism study being conducted at the UNC-Chapel Hill Nutrition Research Institute, at the North Carolina Research Campus. Dr. Andrew Swick, associate professor and director of Obesity and Eating Disorders Research at the University of North Carolina Research Institute, is heading the study. Stephen Orena, a lab manager and a research associate in the Swick lab, runs the study.


News Around Town: School Of Med; "Mixed Concrete" For Habitat


UNC’s School of Medicine is working with Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina to develop a physician assistant master’s degree program for returning military veterans. It’s designed for Special Forces Medical Sergeants, to build on the training they already receive in the service.

Blue Cross Blue Shield NC has pledged $1.2 million over the next four years to help establish the program; UNC is hoping to enroll its first class in 2015.

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