Sept. 30 - Oct. 4, 2013

National Coverage

After Years of Political Talk, The Obamacare Fight Gets Real
NPR Morning Edition
Health care historian Jonathan Oberlander says that's why he's not sure even a flawless rollout will change perceptions.  "This is not a program like Medicare or Social Security; it is a program that really is a series of policies and regulations and subsidies," he says.  [Note: This interview was recorded in the Carolina News Studio.]

Obamacare fight vs. birth of Social Security: Which was uglier?
They said one program would end freedom in America, and worried that another was akin to socialism. No, we’re not talking about aspects of the Affordable Care Act. If you think politicians up in arms about the upcoming launch of Obamacare, you must not be old enough to remember the name-calling and dire predictions that predicated the introduction of two other major legislative milestones: Medicare and Social Security. “There is a history around these government programs of controversy … said Jonathan Oberlander, a professor of health policy and management at the University of North Carolina.

State & Local Coverage

Local leaders react to Atkinson’s departure with diplomacy
Triangle Business Journal
Reaction to the sudden departure of Bill Atkinson, former CEO of WakeMed Health & Hospitals, came in over the weekend, with some expressing shock and others saying they saw it coming, even if they benefitted from hindsight…

“WakeMed is an important organization for our community and provides excellent care. UNC Health Care and Rex Healthcare look forward to strengthening the relationship we’ve shared with WakeMed for many years. We wish Bill Atkinson well in his future endeavors,” said David Strong, president of Rex Healthcare.

Similarly, Dr. Bill Roper, CEO UNC Health Care said, “WakeMed is an important partner in UNC Health Care’s mission of training the next generation of physicians and ensuring access to top medical care for North Carolinians. I wish Dr. Atkinson well in his future endeavors.”

Local groups offer public forums on the Affordable Care Act
News & Observer

Local hospital officials and lawyers will offer a series of three public forums on the Affordable Care Act for people interested in signing up for subsidized insurance under the new healthcare law.The free events, sponsored by UNC Health Care and Legal Aid of N.C., will include an opportunity for those in attendance to schedule a private consulation with a trained “navigator” to help with enrollment.

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