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Issues affecting Adobe-based modular budget forms and hours for eRA Commons Help Desk


Issue Affecting Many Adobe-based Modular Budget Forms

Symptoms are as follows (does not occur for every submission):

  • Issue has been seen with form-based and system-to-system solution submissions 
  • All fields are correct prior to submission and within the XML data stream passed on to NIH 
              o This is the good news - NIH pulls the valid information
                contained in the data stream to populate our databases. This
                also explains why no validation warnings or errors are
                flagged for the submission. 
  • The PHS 398 Modular Budget form image provided by to NIH includes a '0’ value in the Total Indirect Costs field in section B. Indirect Costs for budget periods 3 and beyond 
              o This is the bad news - the assembled application image
                viewed in eRA Commons is based on the provided form image
                and is, therefore, incorrect. 
  • The Total Indirect Costs value of ‘0’ also affects the calculations for the following fields: 
              o Funds Requested  in section C. Total Direct and Indirect
                Costs (A+B) for each affected budget period 
              o Total Indirect Costs for Entire Project Period and 
                Total Direct and Indirect Costs (A+B) for Entire Project
                Period in Cumulative Budget Information section
  • A system software change is necessary to address this issue. Resubmitting the application will not change the result.
  • NIH has alerted grants management, review and other internal staff of this issue.
  • Since our internal data is correct, no action by the applicant is needed.


Federal Holidays – Impact on Support and Systems

  • The eRA Commons Help Desk will be closed on Monday, Jan.19, in celebration of Martin Luther King Day and on Tuesday, Jan. 20, for the presidential inauguration.
  • Inquiries submitted to the Help Desk during these dates will be acknowledged on the next federal business day (Jan. 21).
  • Remember, the NIH Grants Web site and the NIH eSubmission Web site announcement text and application guides are great resources, always available, and hold the answers to many of your questions.
  • MLK Day is a standard federal holiday and is not counted in the eSubmission “application viewing window” (two business days provided to view your assembled application in eRA Commons before applications automatically move forward to NIH’s Division of Receipt & Referral). 
  • Inauguration Day, however, is not a standard holiday and is counted in the application viewing window. Therefore, applicants with error-free applications submitted and assembled on Friday, January 16, have until Wednesday at midnight (Eastern Time) to view their applications in Commons.
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