Policy manual update

Please note the new and updated policies for the UNC Health Care Policy Manual.

These policies are now available on the UNC Health Care Intranet (http://intranet.unchealthcare.org/policies/policy_search/zpt_psearch) under “Search Policies” then “Administrative".   

UNC Health Care System Policy Manual Update: July 2009
(Please make these changes to your manual as directed below.)

Policy #    New Policies
ADMIN 0204: Code of Conduct
ADMIN 0205: Medication Management: Allergy/Adverse Effect Document

Policy #    Revised Policies
ADMIN 0066: Elopement/Patients off the Unit
ADMIN 0145: Patient Identification -- Medication Administration, Administering Blood Products, Taking Blood Samples or Specimens, or Providing Treatments or Procedures

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