The Weigh to Wellness - Change your health one step at a time

The UNC Wellness Center is determined to help you achieve new heights of wellness through a goal oriented 12-week program of exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle modification.

The Program offers weekly classes covering exercise, nutrition, motivation, stress management, and lifestyle change, followed by structured exercise with fitness instructors. Each week, you will check in with your "accountability coach." With daily food journaling, you can stay on track with your goals.

Pre- and post-assessment will include waist and hip circumference measurements, height and weight, BMI, blood pressure, and resting metabolic rate test. Additional assessments are available.

Class meets Thursday evenings from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. from Aug. 19 - Nov. 11.

Program cost:
$400 for members and
$600 for non-members
Please register at the Front Desk or call 966-5500. Please click here to see a flyer.


"'s a roadmap to Wellness and it has been a wonderful journey for me."
-Weigh to Wellness Graduate

"I lost over 30 pounds just by making small changes in my diet and following a weekly exercise routine...I still can't believe that I did all this during the busiest time in my life."
-Weigh to Wellness Graduate

"The facilities are like no other in the area or at some of the best health institutes I've been involved with. A real bargain at the price for what you are offered."
-Weigh to Wellness Graduate