Street advises first-year SOM students at the 2012 Whitehead Lecture and Awards

Students and faculty of the School of Medicine gathered together on Tuesday, Aug. 15 to hear Sarah Street, PhD and assistant professor of cell and molecular physiology, speak at the 2012 Whitehead Lecture and Awards.

In her lecture, “Experience, Empathy, and Education: Why John Dewey is my BFF,” Street, a former NCAA athlete, described her journey to present day while making close connections to the teachings of John Dewey. She explained how every experience we have influences future experiences.

“Every experience is a moving force,” she said. Street emphasized that teachers need to share what they’ve learned from experience and use that to teach their students.

Street continued to entertain the audience of students and faculty with stories of her past. She described her college self as extremely competitive and always wanting to win against her counterparts, especially during her swimming days. Street said she never realized until later that she could also be happy for her teammates since they were working on achieving something together.

Throughout the lecture, she imparted to the first-year medical students, who have been attending the school for only a week, advice that will assist them in their medical education.

“All of us have experiences and that is a given. What is not a given is that all of you will take something from it,” she said.

Toward the end, faculty and students were presented with awards for their contribution and active involvement in their medical education. Street was awarded the Freshmen Basic Science Teaching Award, which recognizes a committed faculty member who has proved to be effective in the education of first-year medical students.