Tucker invited to Council on Foreign Relations

Dr. Joseph D. Tucker, assistant professor at the School of Medicine and director of the UNC Project-China, has accepted a five-year term membership to the Council on Foreign Relations.

The Council on Foreign Relations is a non-profit organization aiming to help others understand U.S. foreign policy and international relations. Other members of the Council on Foreign Relations include Fareed Zakaria, Angelina Jolie and Brian Williams.

Tucker said he is honored to be selected as a Term Member on the Council on Foreign Relations.

“This institution is at the pinnacle of the US foreign policy world and has networks and initiatives that can move forward our UNC Project-China work,” he said.  “The US-China relationship is a critical one that has multiple layers, including medicine and public health.”

Tucker is an infectious disease specialist who is currently based in Guangzhou, China. The UNC Project-China is a research and training initiative to aid the health of the Chinese population while promoting UNC’s presence there.

Throughout the five-year Term Membership, Tucker will participate in a variety of conferences and other events where he will have the opportunity to engage in discussions about U.S. foreign policy and international relations with a cohort of junior foreign policy experts.

“During my term membership, I hope to explore the interface of medicine and foreign policy, including how health diplomacy as a concept can be used to improve global health,” he said.