Imaging Research Building Construction Update

Now that the Imaging Research Building structure is nearly complete, construction activities for the winter months will focus on preparing for a “dry” building by spring, so that detailed interior buildout can begin.

This requires two things:

  • Establishing permanent power
  • Moving conditioned air through the building

Key to achieving these goals is totally enclosing the building, creating a weather-tight building “envelope”, and installing the major HVAC and electrical infrastructure.  In general, work is sequenced from the bottom floors up, and from the north end of the building closest to Lineberger, counter clockwise around to the east end along West Drive.

Over the next several months, you will see exterior scaffolding being moved around and elements of the building exterior façade being installed, including: curtain wall metal frames and panels of glass, metal panels and “punch” windows” on the Lineberger side of the building, precast concrete panels on the three stair towers,  window sills and rooftop “eyebrow” panels overhanging the building face, and roofing.   Two crews will soon begin installation of distinct curtain wall schemes on different sides of the building. Roofing begins in the Lineberger area in late January. Choate Construction will also begin to rough in ductwork, piping and electrical raceways, both overhead and inside the walls.   Building cranes will continue to be busy on site with deliveries of building materials and equipment.

A third goal for the winter is to install the pedestrian overhead bridges leading from the IRB building to Lineberger level 3, and to the Cardinal parking deck. This will require a shutdown of West Drive for several weeks beginning in late January, in order to move and secure in place several long steel bridge beams which will span the roadway.  A shutdown date will be announced as soon as it is known.

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