Faculty endorse proposed amendments to School of Medicine’s bylaws

Please read more about the changes in this letter from Dr. Roper.

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to inform you that the proposal to amend the School of Medicine’s bylaws has been strongly endorsed by the faculty.  The revised bylaws are available on the School of Medicine’s website.

The following changes to the bylaws were made:

  1. Codify term of appointment (initial term of three years; may serve an additional three year term)
  2. Addition of elected faculty on the following committees:

a)       Dean’s Advisory (2)

b)       Admissions (6)

c)       Education (2)

d)       Student Progress (2)

e)       Fixed Term APT (increase in number to 12)

3. Creation of Nominating Committee - Elected faculty to Dean’s Advisory Committee (2), appointed faculty (4), basic science chair (1) and clinical science chair (1) elected by their peers, Executive Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, Vice-Dean for Education, Vice-Dean for Research.

4. Deletion of the Administrative Board.

We will begin to be operationalize these changes this academic year (e.g. creation of the Nominating Committee).

We appreciate your participation in this important process.




Bill Roper, MD, MPH
Dean, UNC School of Medicine

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