Old Clinic Auditorium Overhaul Planned for Summer 2013

The often-used but less-loved auditorium will be closed from May 1, to Sept. 2, 2013. Room reservations currently scheduled for the Old Clinic Auditorium from May – August 2013 will be moved to alternate locations.

Old Clinic Auditorium Overhaul Planned for Summer 2013 click to enlarge 4th Floor Old Clinic Auditorium

The School of Medicine is embarking on a much-needed update of the Old Clinic Auditorium located on the 4th floor of the Old Clinic Building. The Planning Office is finalizing architectural and audio/visual plans to create a more comfortable meeting space that provides a better environment for teaching, learning, and discussion.

The overhaul will require 4 months of down time, and will take place during the summer months when the room is at its lowest occupancy. OIS Room Services has already begun rescheduling meetings that are planned for May 1 – Sept. 2.

OIS and the Planning Office will work with departments this fall to make satisfactory alternate meeting arrangements. If you have a meeting scheduled, please call the Scheduling Coordinator at (919) 843-8884 to discuss alternate locations for your event.

If you have any questions about the plan, please contact Barbara Welanetz in the Planning Office at (919) 966-2441. More updates will be shared as the project progresses.