148 UNC medical students successfully match

From Wilmington to San Francisco, UNC medical students find out where they will begin their next adventure in medicine. Fifty-three will stay in North Carolina, including 31 right here in Chapel Hill! Read on for maps, data, and national trends about the 2013 Match.

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UNC medical students matched by specialty.


Specialty Number
Anesthesiology 12
Anesthesiology/Critical Care 1
Dermatology 2
Emergency Medicine 16
Family Medicine 17
General Surgery 5
Internal Medicine 22
Medicine-Medical Genetics 1
Medicine-Pediatrics 6
Medicine-Primary 2
Neurology 1
Obstetrics & Gynecology 17
Ophthalmology 2
Orthopaedic Surgery 3
Otolaryngology 3
Pathology 2
Pediatrics 11
Pediatrics-Anesthesiology 1
Pediatrics-Primary 1
Psychiatry 8
Radiation Oncology 3
Radiology-Diagnostic 2
Surgery-Preliminary 6
Transitional 1
Urology 1



To see PDF lists of UNC students by specialty, by state, and by name, visit:


National Trends from the National Residency Match Program:


  • U.S. medical school seniors made up 16,390 of the 25,463 applicants who successfully matched to first-year residency positions
  • Notable gains in Match results for U.S. citizen IMGs and foreign-national IMGs, whose match rates rose by four and seven percentage points respectively
  • More U.S. seniors matched to primary care specialties
  • 78.8 percent of U.S. seniors and 78.8 percent of independent applicants who matched obtained one of their top three choice programs
  • The number of positions rose by almost 2,400 to an all-time high of 29,171

Please note that some medical students have chosen to keep their residency assignments private.

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