Kathleen Rao Educational Scholarship winners announced

A team including Michael Harrigan, MD, Ana Felix, MBBCh, Dale Quirke, MD, Kurt Gilliland, PhD, and Julie Messina, MA, has won $3,000 to evaluate various ultrasound training methods for medical students.

The Rao scholarship awards up to $7,000 in funding for projects that are focused on either “developing theory and evidence for best practices in the 21st century or sustaining educational quality improvement."

The team received the scholarship funding for their proposal “Foundations in Ultrasound Knowledge for TEC”, which will evaluate the effectiveness of UNC’s ultrasound training curriculum.

Ultrasound training is recommended as part of the undergraduate medical student education. However, traditional training requires a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on sessions which can present challenges due to equipment cost and the availability of the expert faculty members necessary to lead sessions.

A number of self-directed ultrasound educational systems have been developed to address these challenges.  The team’s pilot study will evaluate the utility, scalability and cost effectiveness of one such system, the Sonosim Personal Solution, relative to traditional teaching of ultrasound. 

Their study will inform the development of a vertically and horizontally integrated, cost-effective and multidisciplinary approach to an ultrasound curriculum at UNC.

Kathleen Rao, PhD, professor of pediatrics, pathology and genetics, is founding member of the Academy of Educators.



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