Call for Nominations: O. Max Gardner Award

The faculty’s Committee on Honorary Degrees and Special Awards invites your nominations for the UNC system-wide O. Max Gardner Award, the highest honor given across all 16 UNC-system campuses. The Award will be presented at the April meeting of the Board of Governors.

This award recognizes “that member of the faculty of the Consolidated University of North Carolina, who, during the current scholastic year, has made the greatest contribution to the welfare of the human race.” Governor Gardner’s will, which created the award, defined “faculty” to be “all persons, including instructors, engaged in teaching in any unit, institution or branch of service of the Consolidated University of North Carolina."

The deadline for nomination is December 12, 2014.

More information on the award and nomination process can be found here.

Past O. Max Gardner Award recipients from the UNC School of Medicine include:

Myron Cohen, 2008

Floyd Denny, Jr, 1988

James A. Bryant, II, 1984

Bernard Greenberg, 1981

Judson Van Wyk, 1980

Carl William Gottschalk, 1978

John B. Graham, 1968

W. Reece Berryhill, 1964

Kenneth N. Brinkhous, 1961

Warner L. Wells, 1957