NC TraCS Events and Announcements

Upcoming events include PI Development Series,Bench to Boardroom Startup Seminar Series, and Clinical Trials Investigators Series.

Principal Investigator (PI) Development Series
Laboratory Management and Safety:  Focuses on best practices on managing a lab and lab safety compliance
Presenters:  Catherine Brennan, Chemical Hygiene Officer, Environmental Health & Safety (EHS); Robert Duronio, Professor, Department of Biology; Mary Beth Koza, Director, EHS; Jonathan Moore, Associate Radiation Safety Officer, EHS
Oct. 30, 9 - 11:30 AM, Bondurant Hall G074 

Bench to Boardroom Startup Seminar Series
In this seminar series, learn about the steps it takes to move a technology from the lab to marketplace.  Hear how seasoned faculty entrepreneurs overcame challenges of getting a company off the ground. 
Presenter: Matt Redinbo, Founder, Symberix and Exigent Pharmaceuticals
Oct. 30, 1 - 2 PM, Bondurant Hall G100 

Clinical Trial Investigator Series
Clinical Trial Budgets: Focuses on budgeting for clinical trials
Presenters: Laura Cowan, Social/Clinical Research Specialist, NC TraCS; Jill Cunnup, Division Administrator, Department of Medicine 
Nov. 4, 3 - 4 PM, Bondurant Hall G074