Testing University Paychecks in ConnectCarolina

For employees who receive University paychecks, the ConnectCarolina payroll team is conducting exhaustive tests to make certain the first payday in ConnectCarolina comes and goes as normal.

For those employees who receive University paychecks, the ConnectCarolina payroll team has been conducting exhaustive tests to make certain that the first payday in ConnectCarolina – October 3 for employees who receive their pay bi-weekly, and October 31 for those who are paid monthly – comes and goes without staff noticing anything out of the ordinary.

They have completed four parallel payroll tests, where the payroll produced in ConnectCarolina is compared to the actual legacy payroll and reconciled down to the penny.

Other aspects of the payroll process have also been tested, including direct deposits, cutting paper checks and making sure that deductions and contributions are sent to the various internal and external vendors. For direct deposits, they have run tests all the way to the point of sending $0 deposits through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) and on to the banks. Paper checks have been printed and validated with banks and the State Treasury Department. Tests with external and internal vendors – from the One Card office to the State Health Plan – are being carried through until vendors verify that they have exactly what they will need to provide the services paid for by payroll deductions, including parking.

By the time ConnectCarolina for Finance and HR/Payroll goes live on Oct. 1, Payroll Director Betsi Snipes expects her team to have completed a total of 50 test payrolls.

Following go-live, employees who receive a University paycheck will be able to view their paystub in ConnectCarolina. They will also still get the email alerting them that they have been paid and including instructions for viewing the paystub via ConnectCarolina. Finally, a computer-based training providing step-by-step instructions for viewing your paystub is currently in development and will be available here.

The goal is to ensure that the first ConnectCarolina payrolls (both bi-weekly and monthly) go accurately and smoothly. Extra validation steps will be in place as those payrolls are processed to make sure everything goes according to plan.

“We fully expect it to be like any normal payday. Whomever gets a deposit to their accounts currently will get a deposit just like normal; it should look pretty much the same,” Snipes said.

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