UNC Celebrates World Voice Day

On Thursday, April 16 around 100 people gathered in the lobby of the UNC Neurosciences Hospital for an event in celebration of World Voice Day. It began in a celebratory fashion, with the UNC Environmental Services Gospel Choir using their voices to get the crowd moving. Event attendees, patients and passers-by all stopped to listen, clap and sing along.

UNC Celebrates World Voice Day click to enlarge The UNC Voice Center team
UNC Celebrates World Voice Day click to enlarge Robert Buckmire, MD

As the choir was wrapping up their performance, Robert Buckmire, MD, director of the UNC Voice Center and chief of the Division of Voice and Swallowing Disorders, took the microphone.

“As we are all seeing here, the voice can be an inspiring instrument,” Buckmire said.

The event at UNC Hospitals was one of nearly 500 observances around the world meant to highlight the power of the voice and raise awareness of the importance of good vocal hygiene.

Following the concert, the UNC Voice Center team provided free screenings to help people understand how to best care for their voice.

Here are some tips they shared to best care for your voice:

  • Avoid irritants like cigarettes and second hand smoke
  • Limit acidic and fatty foods
  • Limit your intake of coffee, tea, alcohol and soda
  • Stay hydrated
  • Avoid excessive throat clearing and coughing
  • Avoid whispering
  • Warm up your voice before making big demands of it