Five Teams selected for Translational Team Science Awards

The Translational Team Science Awards (TTSA) program is aimed at capitalizing on UNC's culture of collaboration and fostering interdisciplinary teams of basic science and clinical investigators.

The TTSA program provides funds to new teams of both basic scientists and clinicians working to initiate innovative translational pilot projects aimed at building the infrastructure for future grant funding. The award consists of two phases. Phase I teams are awarded $60,000 for 6-month pilot projects. Successful teams can compete for Phase II awards that support up to $100,000/year for up to two years. The Office of Research (OoR) and TraCS administer the program and are pleased to announce the most recent awards to the following teams.  

Spring 2015 Phase I Awards:  

Toni Darville, MD (Pediatrics), Scott Randell, PhD (Cell Biology and Physiology), Uma Nagarajan PhD (Pediatrics), Catherine O’Connell PhD (Pediatrics), Pris Wyrick PhD (Pediatrics), Mehmet Kesimer PhD (Biochemistry and Biophysics), Adrienne Cox PhD (Pharmacology), Kim Boggess, MD (Ob Gyn) and Matthew Zerden, MD (Ob Gyn).
Primary human fallopian tube cell models for research on Chlamydia trachomatis -induced disease.

Richard F. Loeser, Jr., MD (Medicine), Pauline Kay Lund, PhD (Cell Biology and Physiology), M. Andrea Azcarate-Peril, PhD (Cell Biology and Physiology),  Ryan Balfour Sartor, MD (Medicine), Todd A. Schwartz, DrPH (Biostatistics), Jenny P. Ting, PhD (Genetics). 
The Role of the Microbiome in Osteoarthritis

Francisco A. Sylvester, MD (Pediatrics), Ian Carroll PhD (Medicine), Kinh N. Truong, PhD (Biostatistics). 
Effects of a dysbiotic intestinal microbiome present in Crohn disease on skeletal health and linear growth

Spring 2015 Phase II Awards:

Evan Dellon, MD, MPH (Medicine), Michael Kulis, PhD (Pediatrics  ), Brian Vickery, MD  (Pediatrics) 
A novel T-cell directed approach to dietary therapy in patients with eosinophilic esophagitis

Penny Gordon-Larsen, PhD (Nutrition), Barry Popkin, PhD (Nutrition), Annie Green-Howard, PhD (Biostatistics), Amanda Thompson, PhD (Anthropology), Huijun Wang, PhD (CCDC), Katie Myer, PhD (Nutrition), Ian Carroll, PhD (Medicine), Anthony Fodor, PhD (UNC Charlotte), Wei Sha, PhD (UNC Charlotte), Steve Zeisel, PhD (Nutrition), Shufa Du, PhD (Nutrition), Qiang Feng, MD (BGI-Research)
Gut microbiome markers of cardiometabolic disease in transition to a Western diet 

Since January  2014, 16 teams  have been awarded pilot funds to align with the goals of the SOM strategic plan and support the development of translational team science.  All of the teams and projects can be found here.

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