"Tell Me More" Project, Feb. 9 - 13

On Feb. 9, students from the School of Medicine will launch the “Tell Me More” project throughout the Medicine Services of UNC Hospitals to help patients share who they are as people, beyond the confines of the hospital.

The program is led by the Gold Humanism Honor Society to celebrate National Solidarity Day – time set aside to highlight and encourage compassionate patient care.

At UNC, we are committed to compassionate patient care, but sometimes the experience of illness and medical treatment can damage one’s sense of personhood.  The week of Feb. 9 - 13students from the School of Medicine are going to try and assist patients in reclaiming that sense of self.

That week, students will engage willing and able inpatients on the Medicine Service to “Tell Me More” about their lives and selves outside the hospital. These stories will then be displayed in each patient’s room, to be shared with all members of their care team*.  Throughout the week, physicians, nurses, therapists, and students of every stripe are encouraged to take time to recognize their patients’ simple act of sharing what makes them who they are.
If you would like to participate or have questions regarding the project, please email the

*Verbal consent will be obtained for all participating patients, and signage will display no identifying information.
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