Body Composition Research Study: Participants Needed

The UNC Department of Exercise and Sport Science seeks healthy adults (18-45 years old) interested in weight loss for a randomized controlled trial.

The purpose of this research study is to determine the effects of replacing breakfast with a high protein, high fat, high fiber meal replacement on body composition, satiety, and health-related quality of life.

Total involvement will be about 12 weeks, with five total visits to campus.  There will be an initial screening visit, baseline tests during the next two visits, then an eight week intervention which consists of replacing your usual breakfast with one high in protein, fat and fiber, then you will return to the lab for your last 2 visits. The tests include: resting metabolic rate, body composition (fat mass, lean mass, %fat, bone density), blood lipids, glucose, insulin, and leptin concentrations, salivary concentrations of the hormones estrogen and cortisol, surveys about your hunger and energy, and a bicycle test to determine your caloric expenditure and whether you are using more fats or carbohydrates during exercise.

All participants will be required to sign an informed consent document stating you understand all of the procedures and rights as a research subject. Additionally, participants will receive information about your resting metabolic rate and body composition and also be compensated $220 for their time. This value will be pro-rated based on each visit completed.

If you think you qualify and are interested, please contact:, subject: Body Composition Research.

If you have questions, please call: 785-217-6550