MSEC at-large election results

Elections were held in June 2015 for three at-large positions on the Medical Staff Executive Committee. Kathy Barnhouse, MD, Anthony Charles, MD, MPH, and Moe Lim, MD, were elected to two-year terms by the clinical faculty members.

MSEC at-large election results click to enlarge (L to R): Anthony Charles, MD, Kathy Barnhouse, MD, and Moe Lim, MD

The current MSEC at-large members include:

Kathy Barnhouse, MD (Newly elected – March 2017)

Anthony Charles, MD (Re-elected - March 2017)

Eldad Hadar, MD (Re-elected – March 2016)

Moe Lim, MD (Newly elected – March 2017)

Michael Meyers, MD (Re-elected - March 2016)

Maria Patricia Rivera, MD (Newly elected - March 2016)