Bright talks diversity with Brown University Alumni Magazine

In an interview with Brown University's Alumni Magazine, Cedric Bright, MD, director of Special Programs and assistant dean of admissions, discusses UNC School of Medicine's efforts to increase the number of minority medical school students and graduates.

Bright talks diversity with Brown University Alumni Magazine click to enlarge Cedric Bright, MD

From the article:

Brown Alumni Magazine: Nationwide, only 7 percent of med school graduates are African American. But at UNC it’s 25 percent. What are you doing differently?

Bright: It’s kind of like the movie Field of Dreams: build it and they will come. As you build a nexus of minority students, they become your ambassadors who help bring in the next class of students. They sell the school. Then, when African Americans or Latinos visit and see people like them and know that they are not going to be the only ones, they have a tendency to want to come here. We’re also one of the lowest-cost medical schools in the nation. Many out-of-state students find that our out-of-state tuition is cheaper than their in-state tuition."

Read the entire interview here.

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